Emergency Couple


Original Title:응급남녀

Episodes: 21

Year: 2014

Channel: TVN

Theme: Rom-com

Oh Jin Hee and Oh Chang Min meet at the university. They are both studying in different fields of medicine – nutrition for Jin Hee and pre-med for Chang Min. They instantly connect and develop romantic feelings for each other. Nothing wrong with that so far… Problems arise when the two decide to get married. They are both very young and haven’t been dating for that long (At least that’s the impression that the drama gives). Plus Chang Min’s mother is the mother in law from hell (We will just call her MIL from now on). She has high expectations for her son since he comes from a prestigious family of doctors. He is also the only son and she has high expectations for him. Chang Min’s parents have been separated – not divorced – for quite some time now.

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A Frozen Flower (쌍화점)


The King of Goryeo (Ju Min Joo) finds himself under pressure from his kingdom and the Yuan Dynasty, from which his Queen (Song Ji Hyo) belongs, to have an heir. The Queen and him have been married for several years, but have never shared the same bed. Rather the King shares his bed with one of his close guard Hong Rim (Jo In Sung).

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