She Was Pretty – Hidden Beauty


I am conflicted about this new drama. While Hwang Jung Eum stars in two of my most favorite dramas, Kill Me Heal Me and Secret Love, I am not feeling it right now with She Was Pretty. Even the addition of the amazing Park Seo Joon, who made a splash in Kill Me Heal Me with her, is just not tiding me over yet. For me, I think it was how her character is written that is not attracting my full attention. In this drama, she stars as Hye-Jin who was a gorgeous little girl that puberty turned the opposite way as an adult. Unfortunately for her, she only has a waitressing job and is ridiculed daily for her looks. With a frumpy appearance of frizzy hair and ruddy cheeks, she is not looked upon favorably and people are surprised that she has a really gorgeous best friend. Now her and her best friends have one of the most loving relationships ever, which may be one reason I keep watching the show. You rarely get to see good girl friendships in dramas, but they really watch out for each other.

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Fall in Love With You Again / 转身说爱你

Fall in Love With You Again / 转身说爱你

While sitting at the airport, I’ve finally gotten some time to write about this drama. After watching about six episodes, I can conclude that this drama is not bad, but nothing to write home about either. What it is, is a good filler of a drama if you are waiting to watch another one. The story is about Ming Yu, who has a unhappy home life since she got married early to a man who is very nice and laid-back, but with not career aspirations. Their family is not broke, but their finances are not great either especially with Chen Yi, the husband, who keeps on lending money to friends. Ming Yu, at age 36, is that nagging wife with a kid, who wishes that her husband will stop trying to fix his boat and man up for the family.

One day, she gets into a car accident and is thrown back in time, only 14 years though, but looks like she is trying for Bu Bu Jing Xin Part 3. In her younger body, she is able to try and turn her life around. Instead of marrying for love, she vows to be a self-made women by entering a advertising company. She meets Qu Hao, a second generation chaebol who doesn’t care for the family business and has his own ideas. He hires her and begins to admire her work ethic and ideas. With a ahjumma mind and heart inside a young body, she makes an interesting paradox of a women. She has knowledge of the future, and tries to change the destiny and paths of events in the past. While her career is starting to soar, her new decisions have caused others around her to change as well.

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