Sweet Stranger and Me: In My House


It’s one of those pieces that feels familiar because it’s one of those run of the mill dramas. However, I tried Sweet Stranger and me out not for the plot-line, but rather for the actors. With Su Ae and Kim Young Kwang headlining the drama, I at least know that I will be watching some decent acting. Sweet Stranger is about the story of Hong Na-Ri, who works as a flight attendant. At first, it seems like she has her life in order, but two tragedies soon hit. The first is the death of her mother from a car accident. Through her grieving process where she becomes a workaholic, she becomes isolated from her boyfriend. Unfortunately,  her boyfriend takes this chance to have an affair with a younger coworker of hers. This younger coworker, Yeo Joo, is well known as a gold digger by her peers and a home wrecker. Yeo Joo seems to take pleasure in one-upping Na Ri and stealing her boyfriend/fiancé to be. As for Na Ri, she wasn’t about to take this slight sitting down and ended up dumping her boyfriend Dong Jin. She decides to go back to her mother’s home where she had abandoned earlier due to her grief. However, there is someone else living in her home. She meets Nan-Gil who introduces himself as her stepfather. However, he is way younger than she is and she has a hard time coming to terms with the situation. Not only are they in a weird father-daughter situation now, but he revamped her family dumping diner into a popular eatery. The two are forced to live together as they each have no where else to go. She keeps on trying to find out who he really is and uncovers the fact that he was actually a past gangster. However, she does realize that the marriage that her mother had created with this young man was to protect the family estate and inheritance from being gambled away by her estranged father. Slowly, these two become accustomed to each other and grow closer emotionally.

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