Bromance: Cheesiness, but Amusing


While the cheesiness is off the charts in Bromance, I am amused. I don’t know how long I will be amused by these cliches, but so far the idol drama has kept me entertained. As a genderbender drama, Pi Ah Nuo is a girl who has lived as a man for the past 25 years of life due to the suspicions of a fortuneteller. On her 26th birthday, she would have passed her “dangerous” time and can return to live as a female. However, before then, she must keep her gender a secret from everyone. One day, she happens to rescue a mob boss named Du Zi Feng and his sister due to his fast reflexes and fighting skills. The sister falls in love with Ah Nuo, who is actually a girl. Ah Nuo is considered a “flower boy” and is especially popular amongst the ladies. Due to the sibling’s mother’s manipulations, Ah Nuo becomes Zi Feng’s sworn blood brother and future son-in-law prospect for her daughter. Throw in Ah Nuo’s cousin, who is acting as his girlfriend, we have all sorts of misunderstandings happen as the cousin tries to set up Ah Nuo and Zi Feng together as she of course knows that her cousin is a girl. As the motley crew boards a cruise ship for vacation, we see more situations where Ah Nuo’s heart flutters in proximity to Zi Feng while Zi Feng just likes to tease Ah Nuo for being so delicate. With her 26th birthday approaching, I wonder how Ah Nuo will be able to solve her situation.The drama is so chalk full of fangirl-y bromance moments, that sometimes it does give me minor goosebumps and makes me wonder how oblivious the main male lead could be. I guess I am just waiting for the period where she will need to decide whether to reveal her feminine side or just be more comfortable with her masculine side.

Autumn’s Concerto



Ren Guang Xi (Vanness Wu) is the handsome and spoiled son of a prominent family. While pursing his studies in law, he meets Liang Mu Cheng (Ady An), a student and also a worker in the university’s cafeteria.

What started as a bet between him and his friends – getting a kiss from Mu Cheng – will have him develop genuine feelings for her. Both have in common family issues that have left them never truly feeling the warmth of love. Guang Xi’s father passed away when he was younger and since then he has been blaming his mother for his death.

Mu Cheng’s father also passed away when she was young – leaving her stepmother and herself with debts and no where to go. She is now leaving with her stepmother and her partner, who has less than honorable intention toward Mu Cheng.

Both main lead will learn to love again and stand for each other. The first challenge they will face is the attempt of rape on Mu Cheng with the culprit being none other than her stepmother’s partner. In a mini-trial held at the university, Guang Xi, who never had a true interest in law serves as Mu Cheng’s lawyer and he is able to prove that the defendant was in fact trying to rape her.

The other challenge they face is Guang Xi discovering that he has a tumor in his brain. To save him, Guang Xi’s mother asks Mu Cheng to live her son so that a medical team from the United States can save him – giving him a higher chance to survive. The medical team uses a new surgical method founded by He Yi Qian’s father, the second female lead, who also has feelings for Guang Xi.

Mu Cheng decides to leave Guang Xi behind and leave the city with her friend Hua Tuo Ye. She will later give birth to Guang Xi’s son Xiao Le.

A few years later, the two lovers will meet, but Guang Xi, who has lost his memory after the surgery, cannot remember her. Continue reading

Moon River – BOF Flows Again! / 明若曉溪


BWAHAHAHAHA. This is pure crack and I am so addicted. I came into this Taiwanese drama with the lowest of low expectations. From the previews and the first 20 minutes, this was Boys Over Flowers 2015, minus one flower boy (the gangster one?). You would think that after the Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese versions, I would be sick of another similar adaption. While the show does give you Hana Yori Dango feels, it has its own spin. I daresay, I enjoyed it better than Meteor Garden and Meteor Shower. SO if it is another BOF, give it to me anyways. Why? Because Xiao Xi, the main female lead is what I had wanted all the female leads in the other adaptions to be. While Xiao Xi is your typical quirky, innocent Candy….there is one thing she has above all others. She is a Kung Fu Master. HAHAHAHA. So amp up that kickass beatdown on those bullies! Coming from a really traditional village, she is a fish out of the water on a scholarship at the elite school for the rich.

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Someone Like You

Someone Like You

I tend to not watch many Taiwanese dramas because they drag so much! You could wait for 3,4,6 episodes before they get to the gist of it. So when I find one that gets me hooked, I binge watch!

This drama is beautiful in so many ways – cast, music and pace!

Zhan Cheng, a successful business man, loses his fiance Liang Luo Han in a car accident before their wedding. Since he was the one driving,  guilt haunts him and he refuses to cure the blindness caused by the accident. Heartbroken, Zhan Cheng locks himself up in darkness. His business still runs as he hides his blindness with the help of his partner and friend William.

Things change when two years after the accident, Chen Yu Xi walks into Zhan Cheng’s life. Something that’s particular about Yu Xi: She looks exactly like Luo Han and even their voices are the same.

Anyway, Yu Xi moves in with Zhan Cheng to be his nurse/secretary and slowly but surely, she helps Zhan Cheng rediscover the meaning of happiness. Yes, at first Zhan Cheng is drawn to Yu Xi by her voice, which brings back memories of Luo Han but he realizes that Yu Xi is her cheerful, go getter, strong and outgoing self. I was a little sceptic about this Luo Han/Yu Xi look alike ingredient. I didn’t want Zhan Cheng to fall for Yu Xi just because she looks and sounds similar to Luo Han. But the drama does a great job at showing that Yu Xi and Luo Han looks might be the same, but their personalities are sooo different.

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Prince William

 Prince William

Once in awhile, I will enter into a Korean Drama slump where I just can’t seem to get into any of the currently airing pieces. Thus, I usually use a Taiwanese or Chinese drama to tide me over to the next batch. While, Prince William may not be an acting or plot masterpiece, I do watch it as a breath of fresh air. Xie Ken juggles playing both the “Prince” and “Pauper” pretty well. As the “Prince”, he becomes the cold CEO of a large company who seemingly is ruthless during his reign, with of course a traumatic past history. Meanwhile, the “Pauper” is a happy go lucky fisherman in a local village who has quite a charm. Mix in a botched kidnapping attempt that leaves the “Prince” in a semi-unresponsive state, the “Pauper” must take up the job of roleplaying so that he can save his home which the “Prince” was about to raze down for a new resort. To complicate matters, the “Pauper” starts to fall for the “Prince’s” sister. I am not sure how I feel about that though, the girl would have to fall in love with someone that looks like her brother. Anyways, this chaos provides just enough humor to keep me attentive well into episode 3. Though I am not sure if I will continue with it just yet, the drama has a unique charm to it that does not gum my teeth together with cheesiness.


Happy 300 Days

Happy 300 Days 

So usually, taiwanese dramas are a hit or miss for me. Most of the time they are too cheesily sweet / almost slapstick for me to endure. However, there are those rare gems that get me hooked almost immediately. Surprisingly, Happy 300 Days is one of those dramas that is sweet enough not to give me diabetes and still pulls at my heartstrings at the most unexpected moments. Although the story starts off a little bit unrealistically, the heartfelt moments later on certainly delivers a punch. Happy 300 Days spins a story about a woman, Ya Ting, who finds out she is pregnant from her ex-boyfriend and decides to move back home to live with her mother. Coincidentally, three other men enter her life by staying at her mother’s hotel. Each of the other men have their own histories they are trying to run away from. However, they are brought together by the need and compassion they feel for Ya Ting’s situation (spoiler: her ex died, but she wishes to keep the child even though her family doesn’t know and would wish the opposite). With only 3 episodes in, I am already intrigued by how this one woman and her unborn child will change the characters and lives of these men. Since polygamy is not in the norm, well as of now, out of these three men who seem to want to be the father, I am placing my bet on Qi Tian (played by Kingone) as endgame. Most of all, I am pleased to note that the actors who play Ya Ting (the pregnant lady) as well as the rest of the male suitor cast are thankfully very good actors and actresses without excess aegyo.


Fall In Love With Me: An Unexpected Drama Crush

Disclaimer: I wrote this review before finishing the drama and oh boy I wish I had the courage to completely rewrite everything. This drama started off so good. The characters were cute and the plot made some sense. That was until the director ruined it all with repetitive arguments between the characters. Every time I thought an issue was resolved, the same problem would come again for the next five episodes. The ending was also rushed and didn’t tie loose ends.

To be honest, I started skipping throughout the episodes at some point… I am glad that I did.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 1.45.47 AM

Lu Tian Xing is an advertising genius. He is the CEO of one of the largest advertising company and credited for many successful campaigns. Tian Xing’ success makes him slightly conceited and sometimes annoying. When Tian Xing decides to take a break, everyone is surprised. The employees of his company, especially the COO, are shocked and don’t know how to work without him.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 1.41.37 AM

Tian Xing drops his business clothes and uses his alter ego Xiao Lu to work at OZ. Compared to Tian Xing, Xiao Lu is funnier, nicer, and outgoing.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 1.42.10 AM

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Le Jun Kai

ÀÖ¿¡¿- º£±¨¶¨¸å1-1

Original Title: 乐俊凯

Episodes: 9

Year: 2013

Country: Taiwan

Channel: Sohu

Theme: Revenge, love

Le Jun Kai (Peter Ho) is a successful businessman, who lacks nothing material, but who lacks love and warmth. His first wife was killed by Ye Zi (Janine Chang) ‘s father while she was pregnant. To seek revenge Jun Kai goes after Ye Zi . The best way to avenge his death wife and their baby is to torture the person his enemy loves the most. He seduces Ye Zi and convinces her to marry him. As soon as they get married he starts mistreating her – bringing other women home, abusing her verbally and physically…

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 7.05.30 PM

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