The Virtual Bride: Laughs and Food for Thought

Virtual Bride

This drama makes me laugh so hard and it keeps getting better and better. The show gives a ALL IN ONE parody of the idol life, TV reality programming and other Korean dramas. I have to say that the team behind the drama does an amazing job in terms of visual and sound effects.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.07.11 PM

Oh In Young, a member of the girl group Ruby, finds herself in a predicament when her career turns for the worst. One option: Join a TV reality show where she plays the daughter-in-law to a traditional family. Four issues here: 1. Traditional family 2. She will be the wife of the eldest son (I can feel the pressure already) 3. In Young’s husband, Cha Myeong Seok, is a total nerd, who is more interested in the curves of the number 8 than the curves of a woman (His own brother described him perfectly) 4. The mother-in-law can’t stand In Young…

When In Young moves with her husband’s family, we get to learn more about the family dynamics and internal conflicts.  Continue reading