2017 End of Year Drama Review: Worth Every Second

Princess Agents: After watching all the flashbacks, we still don’t know who she really is.

Princess Agents

School 2017: The story of X and his school wifey, cute enough to give you cavities.


Witch’s Court: Let me rearrange that mind of yours!


My Secret Romance: Candy girls and candy-delicious men.

My Secret Romance

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Sunset at Chao Phraya (1996 and 2013)

Sunset at Chaopraya is based on the novel Khu Kam wrote by Thommayanti. It tells the love story between a young Thai woman and a Japanese officer during World War II.

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Angsumalin is the daughter of a high ranking Thai official who lives with her mother and granddaughter, on the banks of the Chao Phraya river, in Thonburi (Her father is now married to another woman).

When Thailand signs a cease fire agreement with Japan, Japanese soldiers start arriving in Thailand. Their goal is to use Thailand’s railways and infrastructures to invade neighboring countries, including Burma. Kobori, a Japanese officer in charge of engineering matters, falls for Angsumalin at first sight. It is not the case for Angsumalin. She dislikes Kobori for being Japanese thereforeĀ an invader and also because of a promise she made to Vanut.

Vanut, Angsumalin’s closest friend, left for England to study. Having feelings for Angsumalin, he asks her to wait for him (So selfish). Angsumalin is now stuck with this stupid promise.

Kobori, who isn’t fazed by Angsumalin’s behavior toward him, pursues her – visiting her house, being nice to her family, etc. Little by little Angsumalin finds herself drawn to him. Yet, her pride (That pride SMH) causes her to push Kobori away.

An unfortunate (Fortunate for us viewers :-D) event has Kobori and Angsumalin in a comprimising situation that leads to their hasty marriage. During an attack by Western forces, Kobori protects Angsumalin by laying on top of her. They are later found in that position by several villagers. In order to protect Angsumalin’s name, the two have no choice but to get married. Angsumalin’s father had also been pushing for the union between her daughter and Kobori to create stronger ties between Japan and Thailand.

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A Loser Who Has No Tears by Bird Thongchai (Yah Leum Chan OST)

Lakorn fans! If you haven’t been watching Yah Leum Chan (Forget Me Not), you need to! I haven’t been emotionally disturbed by a drama for so long. Tik’s character, Khem, is irrational. Yes, I have seen Kawee (Ken) in Sawan Biang and Tin (Smart) in Plerng See Rong; and both were cray cray. Yet, they had reasons for being disturbed (Not that it justifies their actions).

Khem is just childish and petty. Watching the drama is making me feel some type of way – angry, confused, and hopeful. It’s been hard to watch the last few episodes because I am getting super emotional but I have to say it’s definitely worth it.

The OST is also pure joy. Enjoy this amazing song by Bird Thongchai ~

~ maniac Ride