Whores’ Glory

This documentary takes you to Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico. It explores the lives of prostitutes and we get a glimpse of their mindsets as well as their customers’. It is hard to think of prostitution as multi-faceted, but this documentary shows that it’s possible. Some of the sex-workers in Thailand try to enjoy their jobs while others in Bangladesh hate it with a passion. As a woman, I was touched by this documentary and it helped me keep in mind that sex workers are human beings first.

Time Between Dog and Wolf

Original Title: 개와 늑대의 시간 / Time Between Dog and Wolf

Episodes: 16

Year: 2007

Country: South Korea

Channel: MBC

Theme: Action, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Romance

                Plot: Time Between Dog and Wolf, a 16 episode drama, is a mask upon a mask upon a mask. In the beginning, Soo-Hyun, the protagonist of the story is traumatized as a child when his mother was shot right in front of his eyes by a gangster named Mao in Thailand. Luckily, he was quickly adopted by Jung-Ho’s family and grew up together with his son, MIn-ki in Korea. The two children grew up to be NIS agents following their father. By a twist of fate, Soo-Hyun manages to reunite with his childhood first love Ji Woo whom he had first met when he lived in Thailand. However, his normalcy was soon shattered when one of his missions ended in failure due to resurfacing of memories of his childhood trauma. Vowing personal revenge against the Mao, he ignored his superior’s orders and was subsequently fired.

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