Wanida: Still in Love With This Lakorn!


After watching Wanida for the xxxx time, I decided to finally write about it. This has to be one of my favorite lakorns. The music, acting and pace is perfect. I mean how could this drama fail with Tik in it??! I am not a big fan of Aff, but this drama made me fall for her acting. I found her annoying in Jam Leuy Rak – sorry but not sorry.

Set in the 1950s, this drama is about the arranged marriage between Wanida (Nid), the daughter of a rich businessman and loan shark, and Major Prasak Mahasak (Yai). The latter is forced to enter the marriage with Nid to repay the debt of his younger brother although he is dating someone – Pisamai. When Nid moves in to live with Yai, she encounters difficulties after difficulties. Yai’s mother hates her with a passion, Yai himself neglects her and Pisamai is always there to stir trouble.

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