Morrasoom Sawad: YES!

It’s been a slow drama start for 2016. I didn’t have high expectations for any shows. Well that was until Morrasoom Sawad! So in love with the Weir-Preaw pairing.



Kwang is the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat. Her family tries to keep it together but truly everything is falling apart. Her father had several wives/mistresses resulting in five kids, including Kwan and her sister Wor who share the same mother. There is also Nop – no one knows who his mother is – and two younger siblings from a relationship between the father and a maid. No need to say that the maid has long been upgraded to the status of legitimate wife. In addition to the tension that rises because of who is a legitimate child vs. who is not, Kwang’s father has been wasting money like no other by spoiling his kids left and right, contracting debts, pawning his belongings, and investing in useless businesses.

In the midst of all this mess appears a knight in shining armor –  lakorns NEVER get really original. Phu, the former leader of a gang now turned construction mogul, falls for Kwang. Phu starts courting Kwang and helping her family. He gets close to Kwang’s father, who is always looking for investors or cold cash, and becomes a frequent sight in Kwang’s household. Phu and Kwang develop feelings, and he could have easily helped her. If this wasn’t a lakorn it could have been perfect. Let me pause here to clarify that Kwang is barely 18 and Phu is in his early 30s. Phu proposes to wait for a year before making things concrete and official. Before the year is even over, things get ugly.  Continue reading

La Ruk Sut Kop Fah

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I am so happy to have found this drama. Since Sanaeha Sunya Kaen, I haven’t been captivated by a lakorn. And gosh this show made me a fan of Weir :-D. Weir and Min are adorable together. I have tried watching the first episodes of Pin Anong back then and hated it -___-. I am so surprised that I am enjoying this so much!

Mat is a Thai woman of royal descent who is set to marry Prince Macky, the heir apparent to the throne of the Kingdom of Raya. The fathers of Min and Prince Macky studied together in college and decided to have their kids marry. Let’s say that Mat is far from being the “proper lady” that her parents want her to be. She is into extreme sports, play pranks, and often acts like a tomboy.

When Mat learns that she is to marry a man she’s never met before, she throws a tantrum and tries to run away. Her escape is short lived as she is stopped by Kamin, the bodyguard of Prince Macky. Kamin was sent to Thailand to fetch Mat. The encounter between Mat and Kamin is explosive at first, but they grow on each other.

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