The Man from Nowhere

The Man From Nowhere / Ahjussi

On the scale of revenge films, The Man From Nowhere rates high on the intensity/gore, but also surprisingly high on the scale for heart/warmth. Instead of your usual bloodfest where no one wins, this movie gives you a satisfactory ending without leaving you hollowed out. Tae-Sik, a jaded ex-government operative, lives secluded from the world after a tragic event took his wife/unborn child away. He hides away from the world, except for talking to one precocious child named So-mi. Brought up by a druggie mother, So-mi finds comfort in Tae-Sik presence, treating him as if he was her own father. After her mother involves herself in a drug syndicate scheme and gets herself killed and So-mi is kidnapped, it is up to Tae-Sik to rescue the only thing that he had deemed worth living for.

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