Youth Assemble: Line Up!

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After my bingeing on Destined to Love You 2015, I was hungry for more military style dramas. Therefore, I took a peek at Youth Assemble, a drama set in military school during modern times. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t take even after 6 episodes. This drama is about a group of freshman who attend military academy for various reasons and learn to grow through overcoming obstacles. The story mainly focuses on Duo Duo and Ren, two complete opposites who butt heads inside and outside of school. Duo Duo is a independent and headstrong girl who is academically strong, but hot-tempered. She loses the chance to study abroad in the US due to her hot temper during a visa interview. She absolutely hates the idea of going to military school since her father had died a pilot. However, her mother manages to trick her into attending. Meanwhile, Ren is a soldier at heart who cares about honor and serving the nation. Unfortunately, he was not able to pass his pilot training not due to flying ability, but rather a health issue. His dream is to join the military and the school was his chance to prove himself worthy. With their different personalities and outlooks on life, these two do not get along very well on a daily basis. However, they did prove themselves able to work together when it comes to solving problematic situations of civilians. Joining them at the military school will be a variety of different people such as the girly-girl, the one that came to lose weight, the geeks, the rich son, etc. These youths will need to learn discipline and grow into mature versions of themselves.

While the plot sounds quirky and fun, I just really couldn’t get into it. I think that the main problem for me was Duo Duo. She really grinded my gears with her personality. She is very arrogant and thinks herself a genius because she writes well. She turns down an opportunity for higher education because of her temper and just blows it off saying she didn’t need it anyways. She just doesn’t have a purpose or ambition and thinks its okay to live off her mother until she hits it big with her writing. This drama also breaks the 4th dimension where she talks straight at the camera at times. This gives the drama a disjointed feeling for me even though it is trying to make the drama more like her “diary”. While I know her immaturity is a point where the drama is going to make her grow, I really couldn’t drag up the courage to continue. So while for me it is mainly a character problem that is keeping me from continuing, I am sure that watching the rest of the youths overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals will be interesting. Don’t be put off if you can tolerate Duo Duo!