Shan Shan Comes to Eat

2014-11-20 22.50.26

Cuteness overload! I finally finished this drama and I am beyond satisfied. This is the perfect romcom ~

Original Title: 杉杉来了

Episodes: 33

Channel: JSTV

Theme: Rom-com


Shan Shan moves to Shanghai when she is hired by the finance department of Windgroup. As a young graduate, Shan Shan is surprised but also happy to have this opportunity –  the market is competitive, times are rough, and she didn’t graduate from the best university, etc…

It turns out that Shan Shan was hired because of her rare blood type – AB. Feng Yue, the sister of the CEO of  Windgroup, also has the same blood type. Feng Yue had lost a lot blood after delivering her baby. It’s later revealed that it’s been a custom for the company to hire someone with the blood type AB.


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