“To Pic or not to pick. Whether to watch is the question!”

WELCOME! We are sorority sisters and friends gathered by our common love for Asian dramas. At some point, we also lived together! That was before we both graduated college T__T. When we first met, we bonded over our love for dramas. We later discovered that we had a lot more in common. Our website is our gateway, where we feel free of stress. We hope that our visitors will discover more dramas, songs, and articles! Welcome to our world and we hope you enjoy your journey as much as we do!

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Who is Who?

maniac Ride ~ Appearance wise, I am an African immigrant in the US who changes hair styles so much that my relatives and friends barely recognize me lool. Anyhow there is so much more to me!

My DramaLand journey started in 2011 when I first watched My Princess with Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon . Looking back, it’s not the best drama but it holds a special place in my heart. My second drama – Boys Over Flowers – got me hooked for real. After swooning over those there was no turning back. With this blog, I wanted to share my thoughts, likes, and the shows that made my heart flutter.

When I am not watching dramas, I cook, experiment with new makeup products (Love Love Love Bobbi Brown, NARS, and MAC Cosmetics) and read. Some of my favorites include Brothers (Yu Hua), Gone with the Wind (Margaret Mitchell), Americanah (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie), and Bel Ami (Guy de Maupassant). I am also an avid reader of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

When it comes to K-pop, I am a huge BIGBANG fan and I have been to their concert in NJ in 2012! I can attest that they sound even better in real life :-D. I also can’t wait for their comeback!

More seriously, just moved to a new city and still trying to enjoy the craziness here. Adulthood isn’t easy… It almost makes me miss college.

phoenixbasilisk (phoenix) ~ Who am I, really? A question I often even ask of myself. On appearance, I’m a female of Chinese origin who is sometimes too short to reach most kitchen cabinets without the aid of a chair. A sure detriment to my love of food of course.

On the outside, I may look girly which only contrasts with attraction to well…let’s just say slightly darker material. Hannibal, for example…a wonderfully cinematic and disturbingly psychological thriller. However, my Asian drama journey only started about 6 years ago, growing from a previous enjoyment of anime. Like many others, I started with Boys Over Flowers, before falling for dramas that focused on suspense, action, and my most favorite, dysfunctional relationahips (makjang mania). With Asian dramas, my obsessions extended into Asian pop music. My bias being…..EXO who suffered quite a lot of losses this year. But alas, my heart holds true.

In my spare time, when not glued to the screen watching a drama, I indulge in the guilty pleasure of fanfic reading and writing. Other hobbies of mine include graphic designing, photography, as well as a little of band managing.

And lastly, what’s really putting food on the table, as we can’t all be swept off our feet by a chaebol? Nursing.

Drama Firsts

maniac Ride ~ My Princess

phoenix ~ Boys Over Flowers

Favorite Genres/Dramas

maniac Ride ~ I am mostly into rom-com or melodramas for Cdramas and Kdramas. For lakorns, I am always on board for a good slap/kiss. Dramas: Raeng Pradtanah, Master’s Sun, Sealed With A Kiss, Secret…

phoenix ~ I tend to like action/suspense/spy type of dramas over all others, but I can never say no to a good melo. BROMANCE is also the key. Dramas: Gaksital, School 2013, White Christmas, New Tales of Gisaeng…

Favorite Movie

maniac Ride ~ Always

phoenix ~ Ahjussi (The Man From Nowhere)

24 thoughts on “About

  1. I really enjoyed this website. I can’t wait to see more from ya’ll. @maniac Ride: I’m a huge fan of BB too but I attended their concert in L.A. instead. I hope you enjoyed the concert as much as I did. It was worth the money. @phoenix: I’m not an EXO fan but I have to say, I love their “Miracle” song.

  2. I never fully explored the website
    but this is so cool~~
    Hope you guys keep up the good work
    @manic Ride: I love Bigbang and I feel ya for Exo

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  4. I love the blog, Actually.. You guys should try Thai Lakorns (Series) like Hormones and Lovesick. If you want to know more i can introduce to you in english world. I mean Thai Lakorns that has english subs, also thai novel has english subs 🙂 More powers ladies!

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