Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 9

Yong Wen is seen crying at Bai Ling’s funeral. The other guest – including family, members of Chaihong Group, and Mei Jing – are also present. Why did Bai Ling die at such a young age? Mei Jing has some doubts about her death. Just the other day, Bai Ling was talking about having kids. Could it be that Yong Wen killed her? Khun Lin is doubtful. Why would Yong Wen kill the woman he deeply loved?

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Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 8

Nark gets her Rubik’s Cube taken away from her by a professor. The professor turns it in to Khun Lin since he is Nark’s guardian. When Khun Lin sees Nark, he asks her about the cube. Where is it? Nark lies that she left it at home. Danny and her go to the professor and beg to have it back. That’s when she learns that Khun Lin had it the all time. Nark goes to Khun Lin and asks for the cube back. She promises that she will be more careful in the future and not play with it in class. Khun Lin returns it to her and asks her to not be scared of him. I guess he is referring to her lying about having it at home and then avoiding him because of that. Nark explains that she has the feeling that Khun Lin doesn’t want to see her. He always has this threatening expression…

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Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 7

Mei Jing is playing mind games with Jongsing. Asking him if he thinks she is pretty or to unzip her dress. Jongsing is obviously not indifferent but resists the temptation. What would Khun Lin think if he were to be too close to Mei Jing?

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Hwayi (화이)


The movie Hwayi tells the dark tale of revenge by young boy who was raised by criminal fathers, but later finds out his true origins. After a botched ransoming event, five violent criminals called The Daybreakers decide to raise the child they had kidnapped. They named him, Hwayi, which is also the name of a species of Chinese Juniper under which he was originally buried. Being a bright young man, Hwayi grew up in this unique family with five fathers and woman that becomes his mother. Under their tutelage, he learns a number of skills such as sharpshooting, fighting, driving, etc, that could be useful in their line of trade. Though he calls all the others “dad”, he calls the leader, Suk-Tae, “father”. Even though he grows up under such dark influences, his softness is still there. While the “intellectual” father hopes that Hwayi will be kept pure and wants to send him to a formal school for art, Suk-Tae has other plans.

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Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 6

Nark starts her job as a driver the next day. She takes Khun Lin to a private meeting while Jongsing subs for Khun Lin in a meeting with Sang Hui and Puey Lin. The meeting with Puey Lin and Sang Hui turns sour when they disagree with some of the decisions or contradict each other. Jongsing proposes that they wait for Khun Lin. Sang Hui notes that Jongsing doesn’t seem focused on the meeting. What is wrong with him? Puey Lin throws out that Jongsing might be scared that someone will try to kill Khun Lin (Bingo! You just made yourself Suspect 1). If something happens to Khun Lin, Sang Hui or Puey Lin will become president of the organization.

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Nark is growing suspicous of Ah Seng and keeps an eye on him while waiting for Khun Lin to finish his meeting. She is right to do so… Khun Lin comes out of his meeting and is almost in the car when Ah Seng’s accomplices start shooting. Luckily Nark screams soon enough to alert Khun Lin. The latter takes out his gun and start shooting back. Ah Seng also starts shooting. Khun Lin and Ah Seng exchange several bullets. Nark is able to escape with an injured Khun Lin.

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Brothers by Yu Hua

Brothers by Yu Hua

I read this book while in Beijing this summer. I picked it up in a Sanlitun bookstore looking for something interesting and simple to read. I can say that I haven’t been in love with a book for so long, but this one was @$%@!!*&!!! That sensation when a book is so good that you can’t put it down?! YES!  It’s a must read. Yu Hua’s writing is simple and he has an ability to switch from the funny/satiric to the sad. Since finishing Brothers, I tried some of his other pieces, which I greatly enjoyed too – To Live and China In Ten Words. I tried writing my own review of Brothers but I kept jumping from one topic to another. It was impossible for me to make it concise enough and say all that I wanted to say. This link will take you to a NPR article, which gives a quick review of the book and a translation of the first chapter. Check it out!

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Inspiring Generation Episode 22 Recap

Jung Tae gives his people a speech to prepare them for the upcoming war. Leader Seul goes with JT to the funeral while leaving Hwangbang in Baek San’s care. JT asks Leader Seul to return Ok Ryeon back to him after the war is over, but Leader Seul says to win over Il Gook Hwae first. JT says he will win and to keep that promise. Both are incredibly tense. They arrive at the funeral and JT sees Gaya. They exchange loaded stares. Gaya says if he returns, he will survive and to not die for Hwangbang. He says he won’t die and she tells him to stay alive so that he can meet who he longs for (Chung Ah?). Leader Seul insults Aoki by saying he will be eliminated soon. Aoki smirks and counters the verbal attack and says goodbye to JT.

22.1 22.2
Leader Seul is shocked and angry at JT for his plan. The whisper about it while surrounded by samurais. JT explains that he and Leader Seul went to the funeral so that Hwangbang and Club Shanghai will be empty for Aoki to mobilize his troops against. JT says he will take care of what is going on here. They stand back to back and JT looks like he is ready for a fight. Aka walks in and Gaya says the war has started. Gaya commands Aka to kill Leader Seul and Leader Seul hides behind JT asking his “son” to defend him. Aka attacks and though JT blocks that blow, he let Leader Seul feel fear for a second when he did not act as quick as he would have. JT tells Aka that he will fight him.

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Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 5

Khun Lin is more and more worried about Nark. First, he is worried because she drives a bike to go to school and work. What if she gets into an accident? Second, why is she still spending time with Danny? Khun Lin is pretty much ready to do anything to get rid of Danny. If Danny doesn’t do better in school he will be expelled (Power trip much). Nark promises to help Danny study but Danny tries to explain to her that Khun Lin doesn’t care about his grades; Khun Lin is jealous of his relationship with Nark. Nark thinks Danny is crazy. How could Khun Lin look at a girl like her?

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Inspiring Generation Episode 21 Recap


The episode starts with Ok Ryeon finding Jung Tae in Hwangbang. JT masks himself and decides to get Ok Ryeon out of the place first. Meanwhile Shinichii is about to die before Gaya rushes in to kill off all the other attackers. Baek San refuses to let her take him alive. However, Gaya says Shinichii is her swordsman and she will protect him. Leader Seul takes this as a declaration of war from Il Gook Hwae to Hwangbang, but knows that Denkai doesn’t approve. He commands Baek San to take their heads.

1 2

Shinichii tries to attack, but is shot down quickly by Baek San. Gaya tries her hand. While JT is trying to get Ok Ryeon out, he sees the battle between Baek San and Gaya. Gaya is faring very badly against Baek San and is coughing up blood from his harsh blows. JT lets go of Ok Ryeon’s hands. Ok Ryeon tells him that he will die if he goes. JT goes, anyways. Gaya tries her last attempt and JT punches Baek San. JT tells Gaya to take Shinichii and go quickly. He starts fighting the people instead. She knows its JT, but somehow Baek San and Leader Seul have no idea who he is.


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Scent of a Woman



Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah) works in a tourism company. She spends her days picking the slacks of her co-workers. All that changes when she learns she has only six months to live. Yeon Jae realizes that she has never done anything she truly wanted since she was always saving for God knows what. The thought that she would never be able to spend that money haunts her and she decides to enjoy the last six months to the maximum. She drops her job, gets a makeover, and takes a trip.

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