Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情) Episode 5

CEO KZT receives a picture of a meeting between YZ and the hair clasp thief. He has a sudden dizzy spell and that’s when his wife walks in. She urges him to take his pain killers. The mother also sees the video and is flabbergasted. CEO KZT confronts YZ but he denies having anything to do with it. Where is the hair clasp? YZ affirms that he isn’t lying because he doesn’t know where it is. Yes, he instructed someone to steal it, but that person now disappeared. CEO KZT is furious! Was this the only way he could think of to promote the company’s products? How is YZ going to take responsibility? Does YZ think that he [CEO KZT] will let him off because of his mother (Someone is mad O_O).

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Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情) Episode 4

Standing at the door, YZ persists in wanting to know more about Lan Lan. He starts by asking her about the earring. She said an Auntie gave it to her, but she passed away already. She tells him she will tell him everything, but that she needs time and space. She wants to be slowly appreciated, like a magnolia flower. YZ says that she may be the person he has been looking for his entire life and that he has the same dream very often of a lady holding a magnolia flower and whose face he can’t see.

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Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情) Episode 3

The episode starts off with YZ handing ZX the iPad full of her drawings, but she is more focused on his ring. YZ notices and asks her if she recognizes it, but she says she doesn’t know. YZ says don’t worry about it and just focus on getting better. He leaves with the secretary. Meanwhile, HD realizes that ZX does not remember any events past her previous accident. He tries to jog her memory by saying Qing Dynasty names, but she doesn’t see how it is relating to her. Both are frustrated.

Finally, 8th prince or Kang Si Han (CEO KZT’s son) arrives on scene. However, in the sequel, a different actor plays him. He is taking a walk through an abandoned house. In one of the houses, he finds a loose brick and pulls out a tin box full of little trinkets. He smiles as he looks at each one and starts reminiscing about his childhood. On the window, he writes Z & X and says I have come back home, mom.

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Meanwhile HD takes ZX back home and she is shocked at the state of her apartment. It is a complete mess. She finds her stack of Qing Dynasty books and jokingly asks HD if they are his. She also finds a piece of rice paper with calligraphy. HD tells her that she wrote it, but she thinks it is impossible that she did it since she had hated calligraphy when she was younger. ZX is getting more and more confused. HD tells her to take out her cell phone and look at YZ’s picture. He asks her if she remembers why she took that picture, but she can’t grasp the memories still.

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Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情) Episode 2

The episode starts off with ZX telling HD that she met Ruoxi, who happens to look exactly like her. She also tells him about the fall and other reincarnation similarities. HD thinks that she entered a parallel universe and split up a once linear timeline. Because 4th Prince in the history books never met a women named Ruoxi, with her jumping back in time and having a relationship with him, she has already changed a timeline, just not the one she returned back to. ZX considers this possibility. She decides to investigate YZ while having HD investigate Lan Lan.

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HD goes into the dressing rooms in the company to search and ends up putting on a traditional costume while singing….”Nobody, Nobody But You.” He meets Lan Lan in there and introduces himself. She brushes him off rudely and her attitude is coldly arrogant. She examines his nametag suspiciously before being called off to work. Meanwhile, ZX is getting the detailed rundown from Jack about the rules and policies of the company. Her first job is to get him a croissant and coffee while he saunters off.

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Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情) Episode 1


Starring Liu Shi Shi as Zhang Xiao / Lan Lan & Nicky Wu as Yin Zheng & Sun Yi Zhou as Kang Si Han & Jiang Jin Fu as Kang Si Yu & Damian Lan as Kang Zhen Tian

The long awaited sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin is finally here! With no further ado, let’s get started. The episode starts off with Zhang Xiao formerly known as our Ma’ertai Ruoxi watching what appears to be herself on television focusing in on the scene where she meets 4th Prince. She tilts her head in confusion. She muses about her memories and comments that “loving a person is hard, but letting go of a loved one is harder.” ZX can’t seem to stop researching about herself and even watches a drama about what she has gone through.

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