Angry Mom: Kick Some Bully Butt!

Angry Mom

I love it. Darker than what I was expecting, but so meaningful. Again S. Korea is sparking awareness in another controversial issue, bullying (especially in the high school/adolescent period). Angry Mom is a story where a mom does everything in her power to protect her child. Her daughter, Oh Ah Ran, is a nice, smart high school student who isn’t afraid to befriend the outcast of the class. However, she is severely bullied by a group of girls and the “iljin jjang” (top dog, “gum chewer”) of the school. However, this is not your regular bullying that you are thinking about. This is a whole new level where the bullies draw blood and threaten death if the victim decides to tattle. Traumatized by one particularly violent episode, Ah Ran is admitted to the hospital. She isn’t forthcoming to her mother and misunderstands why her mother won’t tell anyone that she is her daughter. (I suspect from some shadowy flashbacks that her child may be an offspring of rape).

Her mother is so heartbroken as her daughter distances herself from her mother and as she slaves away day and night as a night diner owner to provide for her. While her mother tries all kinds of ways to bring justice such as reporting to police, department of education, etc., nothing works as money and power are the decision makers here. Pushed to the limit to bring justice for her daughter, she resorts to her own skills. In the past, she was the “jjang” of all the school distracts with mad fighting skills and a unbreakable attitude. She calls upon her past friends and decides to pretend to be a student in her daughter’s school to find out who the bullies are and bring justice. As she has a really young face, she manages to squeeze her way in before getting noticed by a new transfer homeroom teacher who mistakenly recognizes her as a foul-mouthed wild student he met at an academy. The drama also links deeper politics about corruption, politics, money laundering and the seedy underlife of bribes being filtered through school districts. Of course our school hijinks and the real world will come to a head gradually. The last scene in episode two we get is her headlocking her teacher and choke-holding the top “jjang” while the three girl bullies kneel on the ground. SO BADASS.

angry mom

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Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawaat (ไม่สิ้นไร้ไฟสวาท)



Wee and Chitchaba meet for the first time in Paris and let’s be honest: She totally stalks him. They accidentally bump into each other in the street, and she keeps apologizing and wanting to repair Wee’s phone.

Chitchaba finally gets it her way and is able to invite Wee for dinner. It doesn’t stop there as both also embark for a tour of the romantic city. Chitchaba serves as a tour guide for several days. Wee often ignores Chitchaba during the tour, which entices her even more. Although Wee is being snobby, he slightly smiles listening to her. I guess someone is not as indifferent. Chitchaba is even able to make him dance. That scene was quite cute! 

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.43.24 PM

Their last night together in Paris, Wee thanks Chitchaba for such a romantic night. He also becomes curious about her. What is she studying? She answers sculpture; she wants to make the world a beautiful place at the image of her loving relationship with her father. 

Little does Chitchaba know that those are her last moments of happiness, innocence and freedom. 

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A Peek Into DID: Kill Me Heal Me vs. Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Here is two for one deal! I have officially completed Kill Me Heal Me and dropped Hyde, Jekyll, Me like it’s hot (stopped at ep.14). Kill Me Heal Me touched my heart in so many ways and I have never replayed so many parts of a drama. Meanwhile, while I love Hyun Bin and tolerate Han Ji-Min, I can no longer force myself to watch it.

KMHM Plot: I can definitely say, the right plot really breaks or makes a drama, especially if you have a similar airing drama to compare it to. What KMHM has is a touching and very tightly spun storyline following a pair of children from their tragic pass to how this affects them in the future. Add in exciting and unexpected twists is just the cherry on top which kept my yearning for the next set of episodes each week. Much of the time you are kept guessing at what really happened which is the point since the main character didn’t even know himself the true story of his past and could only assume at first what had occurred. The drama is literally about different perspectives and how just one act can be interpreted in so many ways, many facets just like Do Hyun himself. Even the ending was perfect and cathartic, a truly healing completion to a emotional roller coaster for the viewers and Do Hyun himself.

HJM Plot: Everything since pretty, fluffy, and dream like in the beginning which seriously drew me in. However, the drama is like a broken carousel (forgive my circus metaphors!). It spins colorfully in the beginning, but has no substance and soon you hear the slowed down and warped music as it comes to a complete stop. The premise sounded interesting as I was already watching the other DID drama, and I wanted to see another take on it, with fewer personality. While the DID Seo Jin backstory was fine including the tragic past with his friendenemy, the rest was really flimsy. First of all, the cops are SO INADEQUATE, loosing the villain a billion times with their ineptitude. Seriously, it bordered on farcical how stupid they were and how this was suppose to keep Tae Joo in play to add a somewhat interesting item to the plot. All the romance moving plot was really not and much like a parody instead of a romcom. Basically, a carousel that goes round and round and round when you wish it would just let you off and finish at ep16.

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Leh Ratree: A Slap Kiss to Kick Start My Lakorn Year

Leh Ratree

Since Sanaeha Sunya Kaen, I haven’t watched a captivating slap kiss. I found this drama on Viki while desperately looking for a new lakorn to watch. It’s the first time for both main characters to be in the limelight and I have to say that I am impressed by the main actor’s skills.

The story picks up pretty quickly. First episode is usually the introduction of the characters and their individual stories. Here, we already have a lot of interaction between the leads and it’s easy to spot the male lead’s interest for the female lead. Despite him being married… 

Main Characters

Sake is a wealthy businessman managing Empire – a large department store. He works alongside his mother and sister; the three of them make a pretty strong team. They get along perfectly when it comes to business decisions, but completely disagree when it comes to Sake’s wife, Id. 

Id and Sake have been married for several years but still don’t have any children. Id had a miscarriage and since then she’s been unable to be pregnant. Sake’s mother is at wit’s end and pressures the couple to produce an heir. Sake is supportive of his wife but it’s easy to see that he can’t wait to be a father. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 7.44.49 PM

Kate is a college student and model. She lives a perfectly normal life with her parents and two siblings. She is talkative, bubbly and likable. Her boyfriend Pu and her have been slowly making marriage plans; it’s almost the perfect love story as they know each other since they were children. Their respective families are also happily expecting Kate and Pu’s marriage. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 7.46.51 PM

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