Autumn’s Concerto



Ren Guang Xi (Vanness Wu) is the handsome and spoiled son of a prominent family. While pursing his studies in law, he meets Liang Mu Cheng (Ady An), a student and also a worker in the university’s cafeteria.

What started as a bet between him and his friends – getting a kiss from Mu Cheng – will have him develop genuine feelings for her. Both have in common family issues that have left them never truly feeling the warmth of love. Guang Xi’s father passed away when he was younger and since then he has been blaming his mother for his death.

Mu Cheng’s father also passed away when she was young – leaving her stepmother and herself with debts and no where to go. She is now leaving with her stepmother and her partner, who has less than honorable intention toward Mu Cheng.

Both main lead will learn to love again and stand for each other. The first challenge they will face is the attempt of rape on Mu Cheng with the culprit being none other than her stepmother’s partner. In a mini-trial held at the university, Guang Xi, who never had a true interest in law serves as Mu Cheng’s lawyer and he is able to prove that the defendant was in fact trying to rape her.

The other challenge they face is Guang Xi discovering that he has a tumor in his brain. To save him, Guang Xi’s mother asks Mu Cheng to live her son so that a medical team from the United States can save him – giving him a higher chance to survive. The medical team uses a new surgical method founded by He Yi Qian’s father, the second female lead, who also has feelings for Guang Xi.

Mu Cheng decides to leave Guang Xi behind and leave the city with her friend Hua Tuo Ye. She will later give birth to Guang Xi’s son Xiao Le.

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Someone Like You

Someone Like You

I tend to not watch many Taiwanese dramas because they drag so much! You could wait for 3,4,6 episodes before they get to the gist of it. So when I find one that gets me hooked, I binge watch!

This drama is beautiful in so many ways – cast, music and pace!

Zhan Cheng, a successful business man, loses his fiance Liang Luo Han in a car accident before their wedding. Since he was the one driving,  guilt haunts him and he refuses to cure the blindness caused by the accident. Heartbroken, Zhan Cheng locks himself up in darkness. His business still runs as he hides his blindness with the help of his partner and friend William.

Things change when two years after the accident, Chen Yu Xi walks into Zhan Cheng’s life. Something that’s particular about Yu Xi: She looks exactly like Luo Han and even their voices are the same.

Anyway, Yu Xi moves in with Zhan Cheng to be his nurse/secretary and slowly but surely, she helps Zhan Cheng rediscover the meaning of happiness. Yes, at first Zhan Cheng is drawn to Yu Xi by her voice, which brings back memories of Luo Han but he realizes that Yu Xi is her cheerful, go getter, strong and outgoing self. I was a little sceptic about this Luo Han/Yu Xi look alike ingredient. I didn’t want Zhan Cheng to fall for Yu Xi just because she looks and sounds similar to Luo Han. But the drama does a great job at showing that Yu Xi and Luo Han looks might be the same, but their personalities are sooo different.

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Le Jun Kai

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Original Title: 乐俊凯

Episodes: 9

Year: 2013

Country: Taiwan

Channel: Sohu

Theme: Revenge, love

Le Jun Kai (Peter Ho) is a successful businessman, who lacks nothing material, but who lacks love and warmth. His first wife was killed by Ye Zi (Janine Chang) ‘s father while she was pregnant. To seek revenge Jun Kai goes after Ye Zi . The best way to avenge his death wife and their baby is to torture the person his enemy loves the most. He seduces Ye Zi and convinces her to marry him. As soon as they get married he starts mistreating her – bringing other women home, abusing her verbally and physically…

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 7.05.30 PM

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Summer’s Desire

Original Title: 泡沫之夏 / Bubble’s Summer

Episodes: 14

Year: 2010

Country: Taiwan / China

Channel: FTV / HunanTV

Theme: Romance

        Plot: Summer’s Desire is a 14 episode Chinese drama focused on the destructive nature of love triangles and birth secrets. The story revolves around the relationship of Xia Mo, Luo Xi, and Ou Chen, each with a painful past. The story starts with Xia Mo’s struggle to make it in the entertainment industry in order to take care of her sick brother whose body is starting to fail. Meanwhile, the selfmade “it” star, Luo Xi, had come back to his country of origin in what seems like for promotional needs. The third leg Ou Chen, a CEO of the huge Ou Coporation, is trying to figure out what seems to be missing from his life. His temper pushes almost everyone away except for his butler Simon. Told through flashbacks interspersed in present time, one finds out that Ou Chen and Xia Mo were a couple. Ou Chen was a possessive young master who was obsessive about Xia Mo, the adopted daughter of a middle class family whose inner strength caught his eye.

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