Someone Like You

Someone Like You

I tend to not watch many Taiwanese dramas because they drag so much! You could wait for 3,4,6 episodes before they get to the gist of it. So when I find one that gets me hooked, I binge watch!

This drama is beautiful in so many ways – cast, music and pace!

Zhan Cheng, a successful business man, loses his fiance Liang Luo Han in a car accident before their wedding. Since he was the one driving,  guilt haunts him and he refuses to cure the blindness caused by the accident. Heartbroken, Zhan Cheng locks himself up in darkness. His business still runs as he hides his blindness with the help of his partner and friend William.

Things change when two years after the accident, Chen Yu Xi walks into Zhan Cheng’s life. Something that’s particular about Yu Xi: She looks exactly like Luo Han and even their voices are the same.

Anyway, Yu Xi moves in with Zhan Cheng to be his nurse/secretary and slowly but surely, she helps Zhan Cheng rediscover the meaning of happiness. Yes, at first Zhan Cheng is drawn to Yu Xi by her voice, which brings back memories of Luo Han but he realizes that Yu Xi is her cheerful, go getter, strong and outgoing self. I was a little sceptic about this Luo Han/Yu Xi look alike ingredient. I didn’t want Zhan Cheng to fall for Yu Xi just because she looks and sounds similar to Luo Han. But the drama does a great job at showing that Yu Xi and Luo Han looks might be the same, but their personalities are sooo different.

Yu Xi encourages Zhan Cheng to try things that he thought impossible due to his blindness. With Yu Xi’s help, Zhan Cheng is able to dance with his mother on her birthday as Yu Xi watches over and give him directions. Yu Xi tells vivid stories and depicts places that make Zhan Cheng envision things as if he was seeing them with his own eyes. In many ways, Yu Xi becomes Zhan Cheng’s eyes. Zhan Cheng also becomes curious about Yu Xi life and her so-called resemblance to Luo Han. Therefore he agrees to get eye surgery!

At first, their relationship is strictly friendly and one of support as Yu Xi herself is in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend Li Bo Yan. When things turn sour between Bo Yan and Yu Xi, Zhan Cheng offers well needed advice without explicitly telling her to break up. He compares Yu Xi’s relationship with Bo Yan as one between a rock and a pond. Yu Xi is a rock thrown in the pond; the only thing she gets in return is a splash sound when it first hits the surface of the water and before sinking to the bottom. As the drama shows, Bo Yan’s feelings for Yu Xi are real but it just doesn’t compare to his ambition and selfishness. Bo Yan is more worried about his career and how to take down his competitor – no other than Zhan Cheng… DramaLand sure is small. Through the interactions between Bo Yan and Zhan Cheng, including several cheap shots by Bo Yan, Yu Xi realizes that Bo Yan has no qualms. Bo Yan even goes as far as to use Yu Xi to attack Zhan Cheng. You can’t imagine how many times I yelled at the screen: Yu Xi just dump him! He’s using him and your foolishness is currently at 200%!

I love that Zhan Cheng quickly confesses his feelings to Yu Xi and both do such a good job at not letting ANYONE get in between them. Can other drama couples please take notes? They need to learn a lot about building a solid and trusting relationship. Like in any other drama, there are a few interferences:

  • Bo Yan, who could sing ” I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5 if he wanted and without any success
  • Vanessa, Bo Yan’s boss and competitor of Zhan Cheng. She has been abhorring feelings for Zhan Cheng since the beginning of times.
  • Ya Ti…I know you are probably thinking who is that!? Well, the person who received Luo Han’s heart. One big problem: It seems like Luo Han’s heart remembers the feelings for Zhan Cheng. I frowned a lot at this – cheesiness  + unrealistic + annoying plot twist…

Something else that other drama couples need to take notes of…. THE REAL KISSES! The chemistry between Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng is sizzling. It’s just at another level and the kisses just show it. My opinion on DramaLand kisses: If you are going to do it, don’t fake it. It needs to be realistic or just don’t try at all. I have to say that in the kissing realm Taiwanese dramas tend to a lot better than most. One excuse to watch!

I won’t give any spoiler concerning the similar looks between Luo Han and Yu Xi, but I am sure most of you already know what’s up with that. DramaLand tropes aren’t that different.

~ maniac Ride

8 thoughts on “Someone Like You

  1. I’m so glad someone watched it and gave a good review. It has been an eye candy for me but I don’t see any reviews or comments that “it’s so good” or “it’s a must watch”. Now I will go watch it. Thanks!!!

      • Have you tried watching Murphy’s Law of Love? I actually end up liking it more than I thought I would. Personally, it’s a lot better than Fall In Love With Me. I stuck it out for FILWM b/c Aaron was so hot.

      • LMAO. it took a lot of fast forwarding. My finger was starting to get tired too but I managed to get through it. All for Aaron.

    • Tiger Mom. I see that drama everywhere but… I’m a person who judge its book by its cover. I will have to look into it tonight. Def. Will start on Someone Like You soon. Also, I just got done watching Destined to Love You (china drama) which I think it’s pretty good too. (more of an action/romantic drama, not as much as Cruel Romance action)

  2. do you have any idea where is Feitian valley located? I’ve been searching for it but no answers to avail. Please help….

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