Full House (วุ่นนัก รักเต็มบ้าน) Episode 19

Aom is still sad that Mike left. He also still hasn’t contacted her yet. She tries to focus on her script although it’s hard to think straight. She keeps thinking about all the memories Mike and her had.

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Grandmother sends the driver to pick Aom up. She wants to talk to her. Aom is surprised to find out that Grandma and Mike’s mother have forgiven her. They let her know that no matter what happens they will always love her. The matter between Mike and Aom shouldn’t prevent the latter to come visit them often. Mike’s family also lets Aom know that Mike is fine and  they shouldn’t worry. Aom happily agrees and to celebrate their reunion the three of them go dancing.

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Their practice is interrupted by Pao, who calls to let Aom know that Oom is giving birth. They rush to the hospital. Oom gives birth to a healthy baby but is still very weak. The doctor wants them to wait before seeing Oom. Pao and the three women head to see the baby instead. They keep pushing each other in order to catch a glimpse of the baby when Guy also joins them.

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Guy and Aom haven’t seen each other for a while and he doesn’t want Aom to avoid him. He found out through Mike that Aom might be at the hospital since Oom gave birth. They should keep working on Aom’s script and hang out. Grandmother and Mike’s mother catch Guy and Aom smiling and teasing each other. Grandma is worried that Mike will lose Aom if he doesn’t come back quickly; the mother is more optimistic. If Mike and Aom are meant to be, nothing will keep them apart.

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Meanwhile Mike is in Korea revisiting all the places he’s been to with Aom. He goes to the place where he first taught Aom how to ride a bike, where she wore the pretty hanbok, where they first kissed, etc.

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Aom’s script gets approved by Guy. He is going to give it to someone else to proofread but in the meantime they should celebrate! He takes Aom to a restaurant and both are enjoying their evening when Min walks in the restaurant. She joins them for a few minutes and starts the conversation off nicely but quickly ruins it. Min makes an uneccesarry comment about Guy finally being able to make Aom into a script writer and how she would tell Mike the good news next time she talks to him. Aom and Guy are surprised to know that Min has been in touch with Mike. Aom is also hurt to know that Mike has contacted his family, Guy, and also Min. Everyone except her!

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Mike releases a song while in Korea. The song is a hit on YouTube and the public seems convinced. He is again the talk of the town but in a good way this time. The song is obviously talking about his relationship with Aom: She is the best thing that happened to him. Aom made his life so joyful. Her support is so important to him but now it’s all ruined because of his foolishness. He is so lonely now and misses her (I wish Mike had said all this earlier to Aom directly…).

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Aom tells Oom that she sold her script and that’s how she was able to offer gold to Oom’s baby! Oom is really excited for Aom; she also points to Aom that Guy has been helping her a lot. Oom implies that he has feelings for her but Aom quickly denies it. Guy has been pushing her really hard. He was often harsh on her; almost as harsh as Mike. Talking about Mike, Oom asks if Aom has heard from him. Aom says no. Both of them wonder how Mike has been so informed about everything that is going on, including Oom giving birth. That’s when Pao walks in with clean baby clothes (He is becoming so responsible ~). Aom and Oom both immediately assume that Pao has been in touch with Mike. Pao explains that he often texts Mike. The latter only answered once and it was regarding Oom giving birth. Aom is hurt and doesn’t want to talk about Mike anymore.

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Turns out Pao also told Mike about the script Aom wrote and how Guy’s company wants to make a movie off it. Mike is so excited that he tightly hugs a random lady (Wonder if she would have taken it that well if Mike wasn’t so cute 😀)

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 3.15.02 PM

Aom breaks down in front of the wall with the paintings of her. She was successful in writing the script but she has no one with who to share that success. Her father is not here and Mike isn’t either. Mike seems to be having a hard too.

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Min listens to Mike’s new song and immediately calls Guy. Can they meet? When they meet, Min shares how happy she is for Mike. He was able to do something that he actually likes. Guy is also happy; Min should tell Mike that this song might help him with his comeback. Min is taken aback and has no choice but to admit that she hasn’t talked to Mike since the hospital, which is when he told her that he would have to break the promise because of his feelings for Aom. Min lied because she couldn’t stand losing the two men she cherishes – Guy and Mike. How come both of them fell in love with Aom who is such an ordinary woman? She knows that she is selfish but she hopes that Guy understands.

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Min goes to meet Aom. Without giving her a chance to explain, Aom jumps to conclusion (Please let Min talk before you make any assumptions. For once, I am willing to let Min talk LOL). Aom says that she understands everything and… Min interrupts her. Mike never called her. She wants Aom to listen to Mike’s new song so that she can understand everything. Min hands her a CD with Mike’s song. Mike had told Min that he wanted to break the promise; he wanted to love Aom. Aom listens to the song and is moved. She recognizes some of the places Mike and her visited together.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 3.18.28 PM

Aom goes to see Guy but he is in a meeting. He takes him quite a while to get out of it so Aom writes him a note. Aom is grateful for everything Guy has done for her but she is leaving now. Guy rushes to the airport and is able to see Aom before she boards the plane. Guy sees her looking for places in Seoul; he tries to give her directions and advice on how to find Mike. Aom must remember every place she has been with Mike. It’s the same for him, he remembers their meeting in Seoul. He remembers everything and he wants Aom to know that he loves her although he knows she doesn’t feel the same.

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Aom boards the plane hoping that she will see Mike soon…

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There wasn’t much in terms of relationship development. The development was more career wise. Aom and Mike were both able to accomplish success or regain the trust of those around them with their work. Aom was able to finish her script and have a company approve it while Mike was able to write a meaningful song. It’s important for our main couple to figure out their lives first before getting back together.

I am still touched by Guy’s selfless love. He was able to acknowledge that Aom would never be his. No matter how hard he tried. Min was also able to acknowledge the damages her selfishness caused and made a step to help Mike and Aom.

Seriously though how cute is Mike’s family??!!!!! I don’t remember the family in the Korean Full House but they didn’t leave that good of an impression. I felt like it took them forever to forgive the main girl. I don’t quite remember so I might be wrong.

I am happy to see that Pao has finally grown into a responsible man and father. He was genuinely worried for Oom when she was giving birth. I thought fathers were usually allowed in the room… Anyway he’s come a long way. His devotion to Mike – aka his boss – is so precious too. He kept texting him despite not always receiving a response.

I cheated a little bit and skipped through episode 20. The ending is so cute!!! I can’t wait to recap it. I was thinking about doing Cubic as a new project but I can’t find it subbed anywhere T_T. Viki is still recruiting subbers for Cubic so it would be amazing if they had more people helping them. Subbing is hard work!

Here is Mike’s song that is featured in this episode ~ Hope you guys like it.


6 thoughts on “Full House (วุ่นนัก รักเต็มบ้าน) Episode 19

  1. pica, i cheated too. skipped through both episode 19 and 20. and viki is really fast. episode 20 is fully subbed now. off to finish my marathon! can’t wait for your recap!

  2. Thank you for all the recaps: they were a great help while waiting for the viki subs.
    Sad that the drama came to an end, it was really good: Aom and Mike have great chemistry.

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