Princess Agents: Wonder Woman


Since you have probably noticed the large gap where there were no posts…let me tell you where I was at! I was on kdrama dry spell and decided to focus on watching just one cdrama, Princess Agents. Never happens right?

This drama had become my obsession for the last month. It has seriously topped my top cdrama! Princess Agents is about Chu Qiao, a assassin/spy who had lost her memories and ended up taken as a slave by a genius spymaster, Yuwen Yue. After almost getting killed through human hunting by the other princes of the city, she also attracts the interest of young Yan Xun, hostage son of Yanbei. Due to her several members of her adopted family being killed by the Yue household, she had decided to become a slave for Yue in order to get a chance to kill him. However, seeing the potential in her, Yue decided to train her to become a spy even at the risk of him being killed himself. As grand spymaster, he enjoyed manipulating the people around him and everything he does was not what it seemed. Chu Qiao found out that it was not Yue’s fault that her adopted brother and sister died. She cautiously warmed up to Yue and enjoyed his teachings. However, she knew that she needed to escape the slave life eventually when she could fend for herself.

During this time, she forms a friendship with Yan Xun who saves her time and time again from dangerous situations. She grudging accepts his help which delights sunny Yan Xun. Even though they had a class difference, he wished that he could take Chu Qiao back to Yanbei and marry her. However, the Emperor of Wei decides to get rid of his competition, Yan Xun’s father. He mercilessly slaughters Yan Xun’s entire family before he could escape. Meanwhile, Chu Qiao becomes strong enough to kill the elder who had made her siblings die. With prices on both of their heads, they were thrown in jail to be executed. Yan Xun suffers enormously as he is forced to see not only the decapitated heads of his family, but his mother commit suicide. He nearly loses his own life as well, but Chu Qiao rallies him up as he is pondering death. These two suffered through three more years of assassination plots and exile before being pardoned. Meanwhile, Yue is hindered by his elders and family, who forbid him to help the traitors and made him seem like he betrayed the two. A deep seated hatred began to develop between Yan Xun and Chu Qiao towards Yue. However, the emperor was not going to let Yan Xun go anyways, and plots to kill him on his wedding day where he uses his own daughter, the princess, to be wed to him. Yan Xun takes this chance to massacre the royal city and rebel against Wei. Chu Qiao, who is much stronger after years of hardship, helps him escape. However, Yan Xun is not the sunny prince of before, but has turned into a cruel, hard man who has no more mercy except towards Chu Qiao.

A long long series that I don’t want to end! I absolutely love Zhanilia as Chu Qiao who is able to pull of that cold spy type, but also show empathy towards the commoners. She is so skilled in fighting, her morals, etc, and its amazing to see such a strong female lead. She bests even the strongest opponent and fights for what she believes for instead of just following a man. As for Yan Xun, Shawn Duo, played him perfectly. I first fell in love with his sunny smile and playfulness in the beginning. He showed his true acting chops as he slowly became bent on revenge and that simmering rage is a sight o behold. To be honest, I feel like Chu Qiao and Yan Xun are the perfect OTP as they see things on a similar level. Yan Xun only cares about her and vice versa at this point. While Yue is toted as the main lead and is played by my favorite 14th prince of BBJX, I just really don’t see his OTPness with Chu Qiao. There are just not enough scenes with them and I can’t see that deep rooted bond as with the other couple. Perhaps, the later few episodes will turn the tide. As for now, I will enjoy my yummy dark Yan Xun.

2 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Wonder Woman

  1. That’s weird. Looks like everyone have their own perspective. At first I ship Chu Qiao (CQ) with Yan Xun (YX). However as the story progress I no longer can shipping Chu Qiao with Yan Xun anymore instead I ship Chu Qiao/Xing’er with Yuwen Yue (YY).
    The main reason I watch the show because of the synopsis about abolish slavery system. Found out about this drama from blog then anticipate it. Watch several first episode I find myself root for Yan Xun and Chu Qiao to be together but as the story progress I deeply attracted to the relationship between Chu Qiao/Xing’er and Yuwen Yue.
    As I said before the main reason I watch the show because of the synopsis about abolish slavery system. Episode 44 uncut version really change my mind about Yuwen Yue when he buy a slaves after saw a man scold a female slaves. That really surprise me. We know one of the reason Chu Qiao stay by Yan Xun because Yan Xun said about freedom in Yanbei means no slavery. Of course there are several reason Chu Qiao stay by Yan Xun side. Will be very long post if I point out the reason.
    In episode 45 uncut version Yuwen Yue want to share a dream with Chu Qiao. CQ wonder if YY know her dream then YY talk about set free all maidservant from Green Hill Courtyard. That give CQ a hint YY know her dream. I search wikipedia and forum. To be honest I did not want to get spoiled by spoiler as wikipedia , forum and blog tend to give a spoiler as it will ruin my watching experience. That the reason I did not know much about drama story line before drama start. I find out YY will establish a country where there is no slavery system according to the novel original story. I believe YY is the man who can fulfill CQ dreams. Loos like the drama give a glimpse about the path YY will strive. I stumble a forum and that how I also found your blog.
    I understand about YX revenge but that does not mean I agree his action. I keep wondering whether YX can fulfill CQ dreams but looks like it does not go to that path. I care about CQ priority. We know CQ hate very much abut slavery. CQ personal dreams is not just her only dreams. I believe a slave must want to get freedom and does not get treated like a worthless life. It is CQ life. She is independent woman. If CQ with YX untill to the end I understand and if CQ with YY i absolutely understand and respect that.
    Based on what people said the Icy Lake Scene will change CQ/XE mind about what she want and needs. I will be waiting for that moment
    Thanks PICADRAMA. Everyone is entitle to their opinion as long the opinion is reasonable. I really respect that. Sorry about my bad english.

    • Wow thank you so much for your opinion and perspective ! I have not gotten that far in the drama yet and I find that fantastic what YY is doing. Of course I find what YX is doing distasteful and had hoped he would see the error in his ways and be redeemed. But I had wished I could see more of YY future change of values. I am glad that YY will help CQ fulfill her dreams to abolish slavery. The fact that you said he freed his slaves is enlightening. Thank you again for telling me about YY development.

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