Inspiring Generation Episode 13 Recap


Episode thirteen starts off with the mysterious samurai in shanghai bund wear fighting Jung Tae. Jung Tae ends up being sliced several times by this man. I feel like he is being stabbed in the same spot over and over again by different people. Meanwhile Gaya teases Jae Hwa whether she killed his hyungnim out of kindness or if it was an act of murder. They being to fight as well. Jae Hwa is fast, but not as fast as Gaya’s knives. She nearly kills him and he makes her Bangsamtong’s enemy. Gaya responds that Bangsamtong’s real owner is Shin Jung Tae, but Jae Hwa says it is him, the new owner of Club Shanghai. Jung Tae is still figuring out how to avoid the new guy’s sword and has a hard time doing so. While Shinichii was disciplined in his swordsmanship and based his attacks using certain stances, the new guy slices and dices in all angles.

13.1 13.2

By closing the distance and tricking the new fighter, he avoids a blow and knocks the man down. He grabs the guy’s sword and threatens him. Before Jung Tae can kill the guy, So-So’s father appears and blocks him….with skill..and then chucks a bucket of water at assassin samurai who took this opportunity to run away. Baek San had been watching the whole fight. Meanwhile Jae Hwa wants to find the relationship between Gaya and Jung Tae. Jung Tae is taken to Dae Ha’s restaurant to be patched up. So-So helps Soo Won sew up Jung Tae, but grimaces at the sight of blood and so is sent to get Ok Ryeon. Soo Won scolds Jung Tae for fighting all the time and having Ok Ryeon sewing him up all the time. Ok Ryeon refuses to help and rides away.

13.3 13.4

Instead, So-So’s father comes in to help. He assess the patient and tries to give Jung Tae herbal medicine, dog’s poop immersed in alcohol. However, western doctor Soo Won scoffs at this oriental remedy. Jung Tae refuses to eat it and So-So’s father eats it instead. He tries to give Jung Tae something else made out of poop, which he of course refuses and which of course So-So’s father drinks…then vomits. Meanwhile Gaya has some self reflection time about Il Gook Hwae’s motto and decides to call for Do Ggoo. Jung Tae manages to get back on his feet again and goes outside to watch Ok Ryeon lighting incense. Leader Seul is pleased with Jung Tae’s victory, but Baek San is wary that they won’t be able to control Jung Tae once he is trained further. Baek San worries that Jung Tae will find out that Hwangbang murdered his father, but Leader Seul says they can just kill him then.

13.5 13.6

Jung Tae says he needs to take Ok Ryeon somewhere. They ride together on the bicycle together to a temple. He had set up a memorial for her mother and his father. He promises to protect Ok Ryeon from now on and basically commits himself to her. “Let’s be together for the rest of our lives, to death.” He kisses her. Meanwhile Ggoo bumps into So-So’s father in Shanghai. He tries swindle Ggoo for bumping into him and even calls his helper who is dressed up as police. Ggoo doesn’t buy it and runs for it. Ok Ryeon is super happy with Jung Tae’s confession. They go eat a meal, but gets interrupted by Ggoo. Jung Tae is furious to see him here and asks him where is Chung Ah, his sister. Because he can never hold his temper, Jung Tae punches Ggoo. Ggoo says he came because of Gaya.

13.7 13.8

Ggoo feeds Jung Tae the rumor that Gaya is leader of Shanghai now because she killed his father. Not being able to sleep, Jung Tae rebinds his stomach wound and decides to go out. Ok Ryeon wakes and she asks him if he will return. He promises that he will and she doesn’t try to hold him back. Jung Tae goes to Club Shanghai and beats the guards at the front door when they try to block him. He takes out the following legion of samurais that protect Gaya before entering her personal quarters. He asks her to take out the double swords that she killed his father with, but they are interrupted by the rest of the minions. She commands them to stand down and leave them alone. She reminds him that she saw his father kill her father with her own eyes, but believed in him instead. She asks him to believe her when she said she didn’t kill his father. Gaya is heartbroken and crying that he doesn’t have the same level of trust.

13.9 13.10

Jung Tae get’s angry trying to decipher her true words on whether she had killed his father or not. He chucks the table out of the way and wraps his hands around her neck…while she crosses her swords at his neck. They are at stalemate before Gaya decides to lower her swords. Jung Tae can’t go through with killing her either. She says revealing his father’s death is his job. He needs to become owner of Bangsamtong before he can get his revenge. She tells him to become more evil and severe. He tells her he will become more evil and severe than her. The minions are waiting outside to kill him before Gaya commands them to make way.

13.11 13.12

Shinichii wonders about Ggoo’s appearance before Aoki interrupts. Aoki is angry that Gaya got stormed and Yamamoto was useless. Aoki wonders if Gaya still has Jung Tae in her heart. Shinichii says it’s not possible, but Aoki begins to manipulate Shinichii saying that Gaya will be lost like the previous princess if she continues to like Jung Tae. Aoki will personally go to Shanghai to protect Gaya. Shinichii says not to be involved, but Aoki was already granted the transfer. Meanwhile Jung Tae considers Gaya’s words. At Club Shanghai Jae Hwa receives new from Ggoo that Gaya and Jung Tae used to date…not quite true but when has Ggoo ever been truthful? Jae Hwa and company are having trouble obtaining funds for Club Rome and they decide to go to Standard Bank (Il Gook Hwae’s bank) instead of China Bank (Hwangbang’s bank) for money now. Leader Seul is understandably upset.

13.14 13.15

Leader Seul and Baek San go to Club Rome to confront Jae Hwa. Leader Seul says he will lend out any money they need if they back out of Standard Bank. Jae Hwa refuses and says he won’t be played by Il Gook Hwae because of just money. Leader Seul angrily leaves and says he will find out the true owner of Bangsamtong soon. Leader Seul commands to check papers today, same time as the French side. Many Bangsamtong people will get hurt, but Leader Seul smiles and says that is how they will get their leader. Ok Ryeon waits for Jung Tae to come back in front of Club Shaghai. UH OH, she is right by the border.

13.16 13.17

The border police come out while Jung Tae goes to Club Rome. He asks for Jae Hwa hyungnim to give him his father’s autopsy report. Meanwhile So-So is still delivering water, but the police are upon them and beating people. Her father drags her away to go to Dae Ha’s restaurant. Ok Ryeon also encounters the police on her side and starts running as well. Meanwhile Jae Hwa is considering telling Jung Tae about his father’s death, but at the end doesn’t think it will do him any good if he knows. Jung Tae feels suspicious of Jae Hwa. Jae Hwa asks him what side Jung Tae will be on, his, Hwangbang’s, or Gaya’s. Jung Tae responds why he should follow anyone. His minions attack and Jung Tae headbutts. Jae Hwa teases him and asks his to take it from his coat. FIGHT AGAIN.

Comments: Uh, so are we having more fights than ever? Not that I don’t like it though, I do. The fight choreography is pretty amazing and there were quite a few good shots. I am also glad that the story is refocusing on Jung Tae a little more. The previous ones more getting a little off-track. Also does this mean that the Gaya and Jung Tae ship is sinking, the writers seem to want to board the Ok Ryeon ship now. It still feels like duty rather than love though. Gaya is finally showing more emotion while Jung Tae looked a bit crazed when he confronted her. Well, let’s see what tomorrow gives us. Will every episode end in a fight? Seems like it.

10 thoughts on “Inspiring Generation Episode 13 Recap

  1. I post my thoughts about this episode on VIKI so I’ll do it here too b/c I’m always up to read people’s thoughts.
    What I love about this drama is that we have a strong character and it’s a woman, Gaya. I haven’t seen a strong character from a woman since Ja Myung Go. It’s nice to see Gaya pick up and do things like a man is able to do. She has the power and the gutsy attitude to rule the world but she’s really doing it to find out the truth. I’m rooting for Gaya. As for Jung Tae, I’m so happy that his story is finally happening. I can’t wait to see what Jung Tae will do next to take over Bamsamtong. I love that fact that Gaya was the one to tell him to open his eyes and really seek his father’s death. Gaya may be the one to kill Jung Tae’s dad but Jung Tae needs to find out who is behind all of this tragic.
    In my opinion about shipping, this will probably leave me confused just like how Ja Myung Go did to me. This type of dramas, I no longer ship any pairs because someone is bound to die. If it’s Gaya, then hey, it’s Jung Tae and OkReon together. If it’s OkReon, then Jung Tae and Gaya will not be with each other b/c that doesn’t make any sense. Even though I do believe they love each other deeply. The love Jung Tae and Gaya is more of the “we both save each other’s ass and we will always be there for each other” relationship aka “trust me.” The love JungTae and OkReon have for each other is always been a one-sided love. I do believe that JungTae loves OkReon but I think it’s more of a “pity” love that OkReon stood by him through it all. He knows that no matter what happen, OkReon will always be there for him and love him unconditionally.
    But this is my opinon… or maybe I just watch too much of these dramas that I just don’t care too much about the “love” relationship. What gets me is that, a person rather seeks for REVENGE than seeks for love. That tugs and rips my heart every time.

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughts! I agree with your opinion. I enjoy watching the journey of Jung Tae’s quest for revenge and what means he will be using to get to that point. I also like how the drama is developing more of Gaya’s character instead of her just being a total puppet blindly seeking her revenge. It’s nice to see her strong and pushing Jung Tae to move forward, grow into his own manhood and match her in power. Especially that scene where she says that he is not mature enough to be killed by her. That struck me. As for Ok Ryeon, it seems she has matured as well, not trying to block JT from fighting, since its going to happen anyways. She understands now and just asks if he is going to come back. What tugs at my heart right now is that the organizations that Gaya and Jungtae are tied to are the ones that are stabbing them in the back right now. For this drama, I am definitely watching more for Jung Tae’s revenge rather than focusing on shipping.

    • I agree with you picadrama. I’m watching for Jung Tae’s revenge. I do hope that Gaya and Jung Tae will be one to destory Hawbang and Il Gook. Since Jung Tae has spent some time with Mo, I hope he has that mentality like Mo, think before you act and plan before you strike. Even though Jung Tae isn’t mature enough, at least he thinks before he acts. I hope he pass that laong to Gaya for them to team up and take those orgianzation down together.

      • Call me Phee (Phoenix)! That would be amazing if Jung Tae and Gaya teamed together to take down the two largest organizations. They are certainly skilled enough (or at least Jung Tae hopefully will be). Mmm I wish that they had showed some flashbacks of Mo training Jung Tae, would make it really interesting. Still, I feel like Jung Tae needs to work on his hotheadedness a little more. Though I guess some of those fights weren’t his fault. I see that Aoki, Shinichii, and Baek San will be a great obstacle to this though. Jae Hwa is a slippery character though. He is not as good at fighting as the others, but he is quick. Perhaps if Jung Tae needed to side with someone, he may be the safest for now, but would still need to watch his back.

  3. I hope Jung Tae can stand up and take over without anyone’s help, really!! If that was possible. How did Gaskital do it? (sorry, off topic) Anyhow, I have faith in Jung Tae. The rumors on the street is that Mo is suppose to come back in Epi 15 so hopefully, Mo will be his helper. Jung Tae has to have at least, one person he can trust right? Let’s share our thoughts again in today’s episode.

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