Inspiring Generation Episode 24 Recap (FINAL)


The episode starts off with Ran Ran being taken by Baek San to Hong Kong. However, before they can get into the cars, the cars are blown up by JT’s gang. Leader Seul is shocked that JT would do that to a child. He decides to gather all the men and make layers of defense around Hwangbang. Leader Seul is freaking out. JT’s gang decide to let his gang rob all Hwangbang’s casinos since they are now defenseless. If the police appear, they are to cross into Bangsamtong so that the police can’t cross the border. Baek San reports back to Leader Seul that all their casinos are being robbed and asks Leader Seul to release a unit of men. However, Leader Seul knows this was JT’s technique for destroying Il Gook Hwae and is unwilling to fall for it.

24.1 24.2

The phone rings at Seolrak and Ggoo reports to Leader Seul that the anti-opium office called and that their all financial dealings have been made public for all the citizens to see. Leader Seul goes to the wall and finds the papers that JT had stolen from the Intelligence Office. He had given Hwangbang the originals, but had made copies. The Security Director forces Leader Seul to take down all the papers by themselves. Meanwhile Mo and Jae Hwa take out a unit of Hwangbang men by themselves. They find the opium in the back of the trucks and decide to light them on fire.

24.3 24.4

JT talks to a government official trying to gain safety for the Bangsamtong people. He wants to talk to General Chang Kai Shek who is really high up on the command chain. He tempts them by saying he has the Mori Strategy. Meanwhile, Baek San assures Leader Seul that Ran Ran has safely arrived in Hong Kong. Leader Seul is getting ready to attack now by getting rid of Bangsamtong. He sends many units of men to Bangsamtong and their job is to kill everybody. However, the men find nobody in the houses or streets. Instead, all of the Bangsamtong men rush out from the alley ready to fight. A brawl breaks out. Even Old Man Fly uses his skills and takes out a few men with just chopsticks.


Jae Hwa requests from JT the right to fight Baek San. Jae Hwa starts by insulting Baek San saying he is always under Leader Seul. They start fighting and Jae Hwa gets in some really good blows. He delivers a really strong one to Baek San back and JT gives him another punch to the stomach/chest. Baek San again spits up blood and dies for real this time. The gang cheer over their victory. Meanwhile Leader Seul is saddened by the death of Baek San and all of the men who attacked Bangsamtong. Leader Seul recounts their losses which are really great. Officer Heo, the Security Director says he is unable to help Leader Seul because of the documents that were posted on the walls. Leader Seul threatens to expose all the bribes Heo took from Hwangbang. He tells Officer Heo that he wants his help to kill all the Bangsamtong people and that they will use the agency’s opium to get the job done.

24.8 24.9

Officer Heo is worried about his job. Meanwhile, JT’s men become aware that the opium transportation is beginning. However, they realize the amount is too small and that it is a trap. They rush to Jae Hwa and Mo’s aid who are awaiting to attack the shipment trucks. The gang members had set up thorns to pop the tires trucks and find a whole load of Hwangbang men and Ggoo with guns aimed at their faces where the opium boxes were suppose to be. Several members of the gang are shot. Even Mo’s assistant is shot in the shoulder. Mo and Jae Hwa take out the remaining men, but Ggoo and a man named Park Chung Ga are left. Park Chung Ga seems to know Mo and leaps off the truck to attack.

24.10 24.11

His fighting is much too superior to both Mo and Jae Hwa. Even when both of them attack him at once, he is able to fight them off and injure them severely. JT arrives on scene and the first thing he does is check on Mo and Jae Hwa while avoiding Chung Ga’s attack. All of JT’s men at the location are dead. Ggoo urges Chung Ga to kill JT. They face off for a fight, but Chung Ga is a teaching master in the tiger fighting method. JT says it is the one who has most determination that wins not the one who has the most skill. Of course, after a short fight, JT overpowers the guy and kills him with several blows to the head. Ggoo runs away, scared for his life.

24.12 24.13

JT and the remaining men regroup, but are now held at gunpoint by Officer Heo and Leader Seul who appear in the forest as well. Leader Seul pulls out his own gun and aims it at JT. However, before he can shoot, General Boojoo arrives with his regiment. Leader Seul gives the General his greetings and tries to pin the stealing of opium blame on JT. However, the general says wasn’t it Leader Seul who stole the opium from the agency? Leader Seul makes the defense that his opium trade has funded the military, but the General says that is exactly why the people can’t trust them now. He throws a packet of documents at Leader Seul detailing the opium dealings that are now public. Leader Seul is dragged out by the General’s men while still screaming threats.

24.14 24.15

JT enters the room to meet with the General. The General asks about the Mori documents, but JT asks for a safety zone to be created for the Bangsamtong people in exchange. The General agrees and asks his assistant to set up a meeting with the Nationalist party. JT is really grateful that the General agreed and the general even offers to give all the foreigners/Bangsamtong identification cards so they can enter the safety zone when war breaks out. JT is touched. The general even shakes the hand of JT as he leaves. All the Bangsamtong people are happy to receive their new identification cards. Meanwhile Officer Heo , Leader Seul, and Ggoo have been chained up and led down the street for people to throw things at. They are wearing cardboard tags around their necks and look humiliated. Leader Seul still looks greedy and wants to rise up again.

24.17 24.18

The procession is stopped by JT and Leader Seul pretends to look pitiful in front of his “son”. However JT asks Leader Seul if he would like to beg for forgiveness in front of OK Ryeon or father’s memorial. Leader Seul says why would he have to and laughs. Leader Seul is unrepentant and says it is take or be taken. JT is furious at Leader Seul’s filthy values and punches him in the face. JT gives him that as a memory of pain that he will remember forever. As JT walks away, a disguised man comes up and says if he may take his revenge now for the people Leader Seul had killed in Dandong. JT gives permission and the man slits Leader Seul’s throat.

24.19 24.20

JT goes and visits his father’s memorial saying that everything is finished now. He tells him that he can now rest in peace. Meanwhile, Gaya is questioning Aoki’s new strategy. He wants to overtake Bangsamtong and make it the new military headquarters for Il Gook Hwae. Gaya scoffs and says hasn’t he heard that Bangsamtong will now be a safety zone? Aoki asks her for the last time if she will join him or leave. Gaya tries to escape in the night, but is stopped by Aoki. He asks her if she loves JT that much and she is unable to answer. He gives her a hug and says in their next life to meet him first.

24.22 24.23

Aoki and his battalion of Il Gook Hwae men enter Bangsamtong while the rest of the people are protesting outside the national offices asking for the safety zones. General Boojoo smiles at the group as he walks by. Meanwhile Aoki meets Jae Hwa and tells him that he wants the fountain and restaurant because it is able to withstand invasion. Aoki tells his people to arrest Jae Hwa, but Jae Hwa threatens to kill whoever moves. He tells Sun Woo to tell JT what is happening while he defends Bangsamtong. Jae Hwa fights the samurai bare handed. Meanwhile, Sun Woo is accosted by samurais before she gets very far. Luckily, Gaya shows up and pretends to stab her with the butt of her knife which makes the other samurais back off. Sun Woo is shocked at Gaya’s help, but rushes off to find JT.

24.24 24.25

Jae Hwa is surrounded and is getting cut up really badly by the huge amount of Japanese soldiers. Meanwhile, JT isn’t making headway at the conference because the Japanese party didn’t show up and so a decision couldn’t be made yet. Sun Woo delivers the news that Il Gook Hwae is attacking Bangsamtong. Jae Hwa is now on his back on the ground, totally overwhelmed. Fortunately, JT speeds in and takes out the rest of the samurais with ease. He then makes sure that Jae Hwa is okay.

24.26 24.27

Aoki decides to have a fight with JT now with the intent of killing him. JT is nonchalant and says only if he wants too. Of course, Aoki is no match for JT and keeps on getting thrown around on the ground by JT. JT pulls him up and delivers several harsh blows at Aoki’s face. Before JT can deliver a killing blow, Gaya rushes in and covers Aoki with her body. JT stops. He says “Let’s stop it all.” and Gaya agrees. The moment is interrupted by the rest of Bangsamtong people coming back saying that the safety zone has been approved. They are all celebrating their victory. The police also came to guarantee their safety zone and said that they will now protect them. Gaya and JT share a look.

24.28 24.29

Turns out that Jae Hwa and Sun Woo are now married and are leaving together. Mo also decides to leave and return to his family. So-So is disappointed to see him go. Aoki makes an appearance. He wonders how JT was able to stay alive and JT says it is because he had people to protect. They part on good terms with a shake of the hand. Gaya has no place to go back to and decides she is going to start anew somewhere else. She also shakes his hand before leaving. Before she goes, she gives him a letter. Looks like Aoki and Gaya are leaving together? The car speeds away, but a girl is left standing by the road. She drops her suitcase and reunites with her brother. The ending credits show Gaya’s letter to Jung Tae explaining how she had sequestered Chung Ah without letting Shinichii know. Gaya had provided Chung Ah a life in Japan while the fighting was going on. Her last words to him were, ““Was I to you and you to me, a feeling?”

24.30 24.31

Comments: WAHHHH, finally finished recapping this series! What a journey! The ending is very happy, though I don’t know how realistic it would be. All the baddies have been punished and everyone is reunited. Even some enemies have been reconciled. Don’t think this would happen in real life, but it gives you a good feeling I suppose at the end after all the bloodshed? I knew that Gaya would not end up with JT, pretty much a given considering all their tumultuous history. I do appreciate how much Gaya has done for JT though, even saving his sister and reuniting them at the end. Of course Jae Hwa and Mo were a pleasure to watch. All in all, I like this series. Although some parts may have been a bit muddled, overall, I appreciate the fight scenes very much. There were even odd bits of humor here and there. Furthermore, I would like to commend Kim Hyun Joong for his vastly improved acting skills. I felt that he had displayed very good emotional acting, especially during the parts of despair. Those touched me to the core. He also powered through the drama even though it had suffered several setbacks during the beginning. Thank you everyone who has read my recaps and watched this drama with me!


12 thoughts on “Inspiring Generation Episode 24 Recap (FINAL)

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  2. Thank you picadrama for recapping this drama b/c I kinda gave up in the middle until the last 2 episdoes. I may miss the kiss between Gaya and JT but it’s okay. Just like Gaskital, he ends up with no one. But he did get his people to safety and he did reunite with his sister. So all in all, it was worth the sacrifices.

    I liked Gaya’s question to JT at the end.. Between them, was it inspiriation? (to keep helping each other) Maybe it wasn’t love. Although it was there, but maybe it was more of “wanting to have a purpose to live” for. They both had that in them, courage and strength for each other to keep living.

    Yes, indeed, Kim Hyun Joong… excellent improvement. I always loved and adored him in everything he does so his acting before didn’t bother me. So I’m going to miss him dearly and I wish him the best in the army. See that “sexy babe” in 2 years.

    • Thank you for telling me your thoughts on a lot of the episodes! I really appreciate it! I am also glad that JT was able to keep Bangsamtong safe and that the drama was not just focused on a love line. I will certainly miss Gaya dearly too. More than love, I think their souls truly resonated, but it just wasn’t meant to be with all the turmoil around them. I hope to see Kim Hyun Joong in a new project with hopefully less troubles. ;]

      PS. Maniac might recap that one! I don’t watch as many Lakorns, sorries! -phoenix. ;]

      • No worries. It just started yesterday so I was just wondering. I think VIKI are more focus on Cubic anyways. So hopefully, annoyblues (close enough) will sub it on youtube.

  3. i love Gaya character the most.. she had so many feelings that she had to hide and not admit it to anyone even to JT. Never even once did she confess her love for JT.. but she did it through actions and she will always have a good explanation on why she do so while hiding the real intentions for doing so. Secretly she wants JT to live well and succeed even though they are opponents in the field. She is the one who is always hurting in the drama but never shows. Fighting for a love that she will never have..sometimes love is ” to have but not to hold it in your arms”

    • I also like her character very much. She always loved him and looked out for his wellbeing even when it meant that she might die. I really liked the scene where she confessed her love for JT in front of her grandfather even! I also love how she was protecting his sister all along as well jusy waiting for the chance to reunite then.

  4. I have not see the last ep but I also like Gaya the best. I think the ending is right because as JT said it was 1937. This was the beginning of the second world war. No one know what was going to happen. would both of JT and Gaya would be able to keep themselves alive and meet later in years. No one know.

  5. Thank u for recapping!
    But is anyone else dissapointed in how they never got Mo Il Hwa a love intrest…? Or maybe even the slightest of affection between him n So-So…cuz i was totally shipping them. :/
    But then again, i guess the amazingness of his character was his quite personality and that amazing smile.
    Strangest of all….Chung Ah suddenly appears….the writers kinda muddled up a few parts for sure.
    i did enjoy this drama but I wont really miss it, execpt for Mo Il Hwa…dat awesom character.

    • Thank you for following my recaps! Mmm yes, I do wish Mo has his own love interest, but he is independent enough to not “need” it i think. But him with So-So would be pretty cute. His smirk always got me too ! Yes, the appearance of Chung Ah is a bit muddied, but i guess its to complete the story circle with JT trying to find her in the beginning and finally finding closure at the end.

  6. I’ll start watching this very,very soon! I’ve been hearing a lot of good feedback so I browsed through Google to see some summaries. I’m a KJH fan from the Philippines BTW. 🙂 I’m so glad to have chanced upon your blog site – I’m following now. Thanks!

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