Shan Shan Comes to Eat

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Cuteness overload! I finally finished this drama and I am beyond satisfied. This is the perfect romcom ~

Original Title: 杉杉来了

Episodes: 33

Channel: JSTV

Theme: Rom-com


Shan Shan moves to Shanghai when she is hired by the finance department of Windgroup. As a young graduate, Shan Shan is surprised but also happy to have this opportunity –  the market is competitive, times are rough, and she didn’t graduate from the best university, etc…

It turns out that Shan Shan was hired because of her rare blood type – AB. Feng Yue, the sister of the CEO of  Windgroup, also has the same blood type. Feng Yue had lost a lot blood after delivering her baby. It’s later revealed that it’s been a custom for the company to hire someone with the blood type AB.


Shan Shan doesn’t know at first why the company hired her given her skills and experience. She assumes that it must be a mistake by the human resources department. Shan Shan later learns that she was hired because of her blood type; she is disappointed and hurt. Shan Shan’s initial reaction is to quit, but then she decides to stay and give her all!


At the same time, Feng Teng starts seeing in Shan Shan more than a blood bank. He starts spying on her having her lunch and then asks her to have her meal with him on a daily basis.


Shan Shan is delighted to enjoy free meals at first but she gets sick of it when she realizes that the meals are always composed of the same thing: pork liver, pork liver, pork liver, pork liver, and pork liver again! Apparently, pork liver is really good to replenish blood.

Plus having lunch with the big boss Feng Teng is awkward at first. Shan Shan starts devising plans to get away from those pork liver meals but it’s almost impossible!

Feng Teng then ditches the meals as an excuse to meet Shan Shan and starts becoming more and more straightforward… The only problem is that at first Shan Shan is more interested in Zheng Qi . The latter is one of Feng Teng corporation executive and friend of Feng Teng.


Chinese Rom-coms

I haven’t seen a lot of Chinese rom-coms, but this has to be one of the best so far.

Shan Shan is adorable! The more I watched the drama, the more I wanted to pinch her cheeks! She is bubbly and down to earth. She is driven and not easily discouraged.


Plus there are a lot of comical elements due to Shan Shan’s clumsiness and cuteness.


Plus Feng Teng loves to tease Shan Shan… Feng Teng playing pranks on her is hilarious. The chemistry between both is exactly what I would expect from a rom-com. Feng Teng is nice and protective of Shan Shan, but not overbearing. There is so little hand grabbing or pulling the main girl and dragging her like in so many dramas.


Trouble in paradise?

Usually rom-coms have third or fourth characters whose only purpose is to cause trouble in paradise. Not here, well let’s say not really. There is a protagonist: Li Shu . She is Feng Yue’s good friend and childhood friend. Li Shy  is successful, pretty, and mad in love with Feng Teng . She slightly creates trouble in heaven for our main couple, but most of the time she is simply annoying. I like the fact that the director of the show didn’t add too much unnecessary drama. There is this one time Li Shu made our Shan Shan cry and I was so furious then…


Shan Shan also faces other Feng Teng groupies. Being with the handsome and wealthy Feng Teng, Shan Shan learns how to deal with groupies and grows from the hardships.

Li Shu will also have her own love line with Zheng Qi… Once she gets over Feng Teng 😀


Am I becoming a Zhao Li Ying fan?


Definitely! I’ve seen her in Cuo Dian Yuan Yang and The Legend of Lu Zhen, which I both loved. I am actually thinking about reviewing The Legend of Lu Zhen.

Her acting is really natural and she’s done a great job so far. She has been playing in different genres of drama and has lived up to my expectations ~ I haven’t seen her drama with Hawick Lau because there are no subtitles out T___T. I wish someone would sub that drama 😦

I would say that Shan Shan Comes to Eat is the perfect drama for those looking for something fun to watch. Enjoying this drama with sweets or hot drinks sounds like a good idea during winter!


As mentioned earlier, the drama is based on a manga. Those interested in reading passages of the novel should check out for the translation of the novel and for recaps!

~ maniac Ride

7 thoughts on “Shan Shan Comes to Eat

  1. Thanks for the kind shout out! I LOVED this drama so much, and I still haven’t found anything nearly as cute as Shan Shan & Feng Teng for my current drama rotation. So much fangirling over this one!

  2. i would like to thank you again for posting this… your post lead me to hui3rd blog, and now im addicted to that blog.. i’ve read the novel, and completed shanshan come eat, i beyond satisfied.. now i fangirling over shanshan n fengteng.. and digging more drama from them.. TToTT i feel so happy!!!

  3. I love that he gives his FULL attention, his entire love, and all his food to her. I think most fans loves this show because it’s such a relax and fun show. There wasn’t a lot of dramas such as birth secret, amensia, ex, or some kind of typical storyline. It’s just about a boy in love with a girl and how their relationship grow.

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