Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo Episode 3

It’s Kotoko’s last year as an undergraduate. Her friends Jinko and Satomi seem to have their paths set while Kotoko still doesn’t know what she wants to do. Our main character wonders if it is alright to stay at home and not get a job at all.

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Kinosuke’s love interest, Christine, finally arrives at Tonan University! Her encounter with Kotoko is a mix and match of broken English and Japanese. Seeing that Christine is a foreigner, Kotoko immediately tells her that she doesn’t speak English. To which Chris responds in Japanese. Christine is like the foreign version of Kotoko. They are both so bubbly.

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Chris and Kotoko head to Tonan Medical School to visit Naoki. They first meet Seichi – another medical student and Naoki’s rival. Kotoko is excited when she introduces herself as Naoki’s wife. Seichi is not that impressed. Is Kotoko really the one in Genius Naoki’s heart?! Seichi rudely looks at Kotoko from head to toe. Luckily, Chris is here to get revenge for Kotoko. When Seichi tries to hit on her, she lets him know that he is DEFINITELY not her type. She has HIGH standards.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.42.27 PM

Did Chris mean someone like Naoki? When Naoki shows up, Chris jaw drops. I know Naoki is good looking, but please keep your emotion/admiration to yourself. 

Chris and Kotoko were heading to Papa Aihara’s restaurant. Kotoko also invites Naoki. Seichi wasn’t invited, but quickly jumps in the program. I already don’t like him. One of those annoying characters… Oh, oh that invitation goes down the drain when Naoki makes a nasty, but accurate, comment about Seichi always being number 2 :-D. Seichi is offended and runs away.

At the restaurant, Kotoko can’t help feeling worried. Is Chris into Naoki? The mood gets lighter when Kinosuke shows up, he introduces himself as Kin – the one who loves Kotoko. Oh gosh, Kin needs to get over Kotoko ASAP. When Naoki shows up, Kin starts harassing him and urges him to divorce Kotoko. EXCUSE ME?!! Meanwhile Chris is intensely staring at Naoki… Kotoko gets more and more nervous. Chris can’t hold it in anymore and confesses that she never felt that way before. Kotoko might feel bad, but she can’t stop herself. Chris rises and Kotoko throws herself on Naoki in order to protect him. Your effort was useless Kotoko.

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Chris jumps on Kin! She holds his head and gives him a kiss, which makes Kin faints right away. I take back what I said about Chris. She is worst than Kotoko. Kotoko was a little more reserved about her love. 

Naoki helps Papa Aihara in the kitchen while Kotoko and Chris take care of Kin. The latter is now sleeping; he probably needs more time to recover from the shock :-D. Chris tells Kotoko that as her friend she needs to tell her that she has terrible taste in men. When she saw Naoki, Chris immediately thought that Kotoko had no sense of handsomeness at all. Kotoko doesn’t take that comment lightly. What does Naoki lack?!  Naoki is way much cooler than Kin. Chris replies that Kin is the best; she has good eyes for that kind of thing. Even Kin’s name sounds better. Chris vows to marry Kin! The discussion gets heated and wakes up Kin.

Naoki has a three day trip in Kobe. He was selected to attend a conference. Kotoko is excited and sad. Excited because her hubby is the smartest and sad to be without him during those three days. Kotoko asks how Seichi felt. Of course Seichi threw a tantrum; talking about a conspiracy theory and whatnot. Naoki also had to make things worst by reminding him that he’s second again.

To Kotoko, Naoki acknowledges Seichi’s capacity as a surgeon. The only problem is Seichi’s personality. A little crazy… 

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.44.55 PM

The couple’s conversation is cut short since Kotoko isn’t feeling well. Naoki urges her to lay down. He assumes that she probably ate too much which Kotoko vehemently denies – LIES.

The next morning, Jinko and Satomi visit the sick Kotoko. Since Naoki is out of town and she is feeling a little nauseous, she took the day off. Kotoko’s friends brought her grapefuits and she can’t hide her happiness. She’s been craving something sour!

Upon hearing the keywords nausea and sour, Mama Irie drops the tray of tea she was bringing to Kotoko’s room. Mama Irie hastily concludes that Kotoko is pregnant. Mama Irie, it’s only episode 3; Kotoko can’t be pregnant so soon! When Kotoko says that her period is slightly late, Mama Irie can’t hold it in! She jumps in excitement and says that she needs to tell the whole world. First, she runs to Papa Irie and Papa Aihara! Gggg, has no one heard of pregnancy tests?

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.45.24 PM

The two fathers rush home after work! They are as happy as Mama Irie. The thought of being grandpas ~

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.45.55 PM

Mama Irie doesn’t stop there… The next day, Kotoko is congratulated by everyone on campus. Girls that are younger happily congratulate her and ask her to take care of her body. Even Matsumoto knows!

Mama Irie also already started shopping for the baby -___-. She bought everything pink expecting a granddaughter! Things get awkward when Papa Irie shows up with boy toys! Those two need to stop making assumptions :-D. Papa Aihara is the only one who is reasonable; he brings some healthy food for the future mother *Cough Cough*.

Naoki is finally back! Everyone is there to surprise him when he gets back! Kotoko hesitates before telling him and when she gathers the courage to do so, Naoki’s reaction is as expected: RATIONAL. Naoki wants Kotoko to go to the doctor first. Is he happy? Scared? I can’t tell. 

While in the waiting room, Kotoko asks Naoki how he feels about her being pregnant. Naoki doesn’t get a chance to answer as Kotoko is called to meet with the doctor.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.47.54 PM

As I expected, Kotoko wasn’t pregnant. She apologizes to Naoki. The latter isn’t surprised; he understands that his mother must have played a role in thinking that Kotoko was pregnant.

Later that night, Kotoko confesses that she finally found what she wanted to do after college. She confirmed it today after her visit to the doctor. Kotoko wants to be able to help Naoki in his job. She knows it’s demanding and tiring. Naoki also adds that she will need to pass exams and obtain a nursing degree. Kotoko hadn’t thought about that, but she doesn’t get discouraged.

Naoki tells Kotoko that when she told him about her pregnancy his mind went blank for a few seconds. When she walked in the doctor’s office, he had a feeling she wasn’t pregnant. Yet, for a short while he had a good feeling – a father feeling. Naoki had started to want a kid for a little bit. Naoki asks Kotoko if they should make one. KISS!

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.49.06 PM

Kotoko has been preparing for her nursing exams and asking for help from Naoki – library, home, etc. Even on the day of the exam, Naoki is there to show support; he accompanies Kotoko at the exam site.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.50.15 PM

Chris has been pursuing Kin despite the fact that he loves Kotoko.  Kin has told Chris that he can’t be with her; although Kotoko is married his feelings for her hasn’t changed. Chris understands but what worries her more is that time is flying by. She’ll need to go back to England in no time.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.50.30 PM


I need to mention how cute the opening theme of the drama is. I am not particularly fond of the song, but the cute videos and pictures of Kotoko and Naoki are a must see 🙂

I am happy that Kotoko found her path. What I dislike is that she is always looking for Naoki’s approval. Her being a nurse gives her something to work for – a goal. Yet, that goal is based on Naoki. She wants to be a nurse to help Naoki. If Kotoko had been pregnant, she would have most likely dropped her nursing dreams and stayed at home.

Itazura Na Kiss is an adorable and heartwarming show, but I wouldn’t want younger girls to watch it. It doesn’t teach young girl and women to have their own goals and aspirations. Kotoko is so madly in love that everything revolves around Naoki. It’s fine since it makes her happy, but that might not be the case for everyone. 

Oh, well I am not surprised that the show is heading in that direction since I have seen other remakes of Itazura Na Kiss. I never had the chance to recap or review any of the remakes so this is the only place where I can rant on and on :-D.

~ maniac Ride

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