Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawaat (ไม่สิ้นไร้ไฟสวาท)



Wee and Chitchaba meet for the first time in Paris and let’s be honest: She totally stalks him. They accidentally bump into each other in the street, and she keeps apologizing and wanting to repair Wee’s phone.

Chitchaba finally gets it her way and is able to invite Wee for dinner. It doesn’t stop there as both also embark for a tour of the romantic city. Chitchaba serves as a tour guide for several days. Wee often ignores Chitchaba during the tour, which entices her even more. Although Wee is being snobby, he slightly smiles listening to her. I guess someone is not as indifferent. Chitchaba is even able to make him dance. That scene was quite cute! 

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Their last night together in Paris, Wee thanks Chitchaba for such a romantic night. He also becomes curious about her. What is she studying? She answers sculpture; she wants to make the world a beautiful place at the image of her loving relationship with her father. 

Little does Chitchaba know that those are her last moments of happiness, innocence and freedom. 

Khun Chitchong, her father, lost a gamble against Wee. The cost: Khun Chitchong’s yacht business and house. He struggles with his loss, especially when he thinks about his daughter. Well, he should have thought about that before gambling their wealth away.

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Cowardly Khun Chitchong kills himself, bringing home a heartbroken daughter. Khun Chitchong and Kate’s father in Leh Ratree seems to have a lot in common – having their children pay for their gambling. Back in Thailand, Chitchaba quickly learns all about the gambling and the transfer of assets to someone called Patawee. She still doesn’t make the connection since she never asked for Wee’s name.

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Wee already knows her identity, and despite the happy times in Paris he is not ready to let go of his revenge. 

We get to learn a little more about Wee’s past and businesses through So, Wee’s fiancee. They have been together for years. We learn that Wee is a gambling pro, having grown up in a gambling den and having been in casinos in Macau. Wee also owns an export business. His philosophy seems to be simple. Despite being rich, he isn’t interested in wasting money contrarily to Chitchaba.

Things get heated when Wee offers the house to Chitchaba under one condition: agreeing to be his mistress for a whole year. She would also have to move in what used to be her house and live with him. 

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Happiness built on someone’s pain

For Chitchaba, the house means happiness and liveliness.

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It is always tied to memories of her childhood while all it symbolizes to Wee is pain. A pain probably linked to the death of his parents. It’s not clear how Chitchaba’s father is responsible for the death of Wee’s parents but it’s debt and/or gambling related. Wee has been having nightmares for years,  and he figures that fulfilling his revenge would be therapeutic. I am not so sure about that… 


In this show, gambling is taken to another level. It ruined several lives and affected children, who initially had nothing to do with it. Wee is even prepared to gamble with feelings and emotions. He puts his relationship with So at risk to fulfill revenge. Yet, he forgets that like with gambling there are only a small amount of things you can control. What happens when you lose to yourself because you can’t control your heart and emotions? 

Sex, love and marriage

I disagree with the whole sex before marriage means you lost it all for a woman. So’s mother continuously taunts her daughter, reminding her that sleeping with Wee before marriage leaves her without a bargaining chip. I believe that a woman has more to offer than her body.

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I might disagree with So’s mother on the whole sex before marriage, but I have to say that she is often the voice of reason in the show. She continuously remind So that getting married with Wee, while Chitchaba is in the picture, isn’t the right decision. So will simply remain the trophy wife, while Chitchaba is the real wife, meaning the wife in bed. So keeps trying to rush the marriage plans with Wee. The latter isn’t in that much of a hurry. 

Wee is more worried about revenge than his marriage. So is the only one mentioning the wedding, their married home, etc. Plus Wee proposes to take her to Paris. Seriously he wants to do the same things he already did with Chitchaba. 

I have been questioning his feelings for So. Sure he likes her, but liking is different than loving. Wee’s feelings don’t seem to be as strong as So’s. First, why do romantic dates with another woman in Paris? On the same note, while in Paris with Chitchaba, he didn’t really try to get in touch with So. Just saying. Second, no matter how much you want to take revenge there are other ways to torture someone. Making someone your mistress and jeopardizing your other relationship doesn’t seem to be plan A or B to me… I am not saying that he likes Chitchaba at this point, but he’s just not that into So.

Kwan and Tui’s acting

Seriously, where has Tui been all my life? His acting is good – it’s icy cold and he’s able to maintain it. Some actors have soft moments that can’t keep their cold endeavor. Well, not here. Wee has been showing a soft spot in a few instances but that was before he found out So’s identity. 

I have a hard time understanding how he will develop feelings for Chitchaba though. If he is to get married to So, I just don’t see any room for developing feelings, especially given that Chitchaba and him are both strong willed. I don’t see them putting their guards down. 

Loving Kwan as well. Chitchaba is pretty, rich, smart and she knows it. Her sass makes her even more attractive because it makes her so confident. Her character reminds me a lot of Thae in Raeng Pradtanah. Minus the part “I went broke in the blink of an eye.” I just hope that So keeps up her confidence. Please let’s avoid the door mat female lead.

Additional comments

It seems like there will be someone else interested in Chitchaba: Chai. A rich heir back from abroad. I decided not to talk about him because there isn’t that much to say so far.

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I also wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Ninjakkn!

~ maniac Ride

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