Ugly Duckling Perfect Match Episode 2

“Just love may not be enough to save the relationship”

Since Joo’s face is revealed, she faces mockery then support from her crew – roommates, including Nungning, Bee and Seua.

Seua speaks out for Joo and dares anyone to make fun of her face: Are the people making fun of Joo so confident about their looks? He even forces the meanies to apologize.

It’s a revelation for Joo. She is now free and realizes who are truly cares about her. She also goes to see Dr. Sakda who gives her hope. Things might stay like this for a year but her face will definitely get better. The bacteria has already stopped spreading. Yayyy, good news for Joo.

For Joo, being on campus is also about stepping out of her comfort zone. Bye bye to the princess life. Through her courses and interaction with others, she realizes that she is not the center of the world.

That moment your teacher calls you out for being selfish

That moment your teacher calls you out for being selfish

Not everyone is as rich and good things are not always costly. Also beauty can be found in the simple things of life, especially when you have your close ones to share experiences. With Bee, she gets to ride a motorcycle for the first, go to the market and bargain over a salad. OMG can we have a lakorn with Bee as the main character :-D?  He’s simply the bomb. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.37.37 AM

Joo also gets to have Seua as a senior mentor. Always there to listen,  guide and tease her.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.38.17 AM

There is an amazingly cute scene between Seua and Joo. The two end up sleeping over at Ning’s, who turns out to be Seua’s boyfriend and Bee’s mentor! Talk about a coincidence. Dear director, I see what you did there. 

Anyway, because Joo’s room is flooded due to the rain, she has no where to stay.  For Seua it’s because he wants to cuddle with his girlfriend Ning… At some point, Joo gets up to cover Seua. He grabs her and holds her tight in a backhug. When Joo tries to escape, he holds her tighter but calls Ning’s name. Sorry, Ning is gone. Finally Joo breaks free. Was this a mistake? I don’t think so. Seua is seen smiling and opening his eyes when Joo gets up…  I have several questions here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.39.46 AM

We also learn more about Seua’s life. He is a hard worker and despite things not being rosy his spirits are often high. Apparently Seua is not well-off, leaving him to have a job to pay for his expenses. Anyway, the couple Seua-Ning is the center of envy as they are as cute as possible. Bee will tell you about it since he’s been dying of jealousy when he thinks about Ning touching Seua 6-pack. Drool alert.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.37.10 AM

What most don’t know is that the relationship between Seua and Ning isn’t as perfect. Seua because of his financial difficulties tries to save as much whereas Ning gets annoyed by Seua’s lack of money. Why fix flip flops when he could buy a new pair? Why can’t he fix his motorycle!? And why can’t they eat Japanese food at the mall? Oh wait, that’s too expensive for Seua. Ning’s frustration builds up and she has a fall out with Seua. The latter tells Ning that she knows perfectly why he isn’t spending money from right to left. Why ask the obvious?

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.40.16 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.40.04 AM


Ning wants to live a fancy life that Seua can’t afford. Yes, they care about each other but feelings aren’t always enough. In my opinion, it’s unfair for both of them to stay together. First, because I want Seua and Joo to be together. Second and more seriously, Ning wants a certain life and she shouldn’t limit herself because her boyfriend can’t offer that. It’s her prerogative. People might see her as greedy and shallow. Part of it might be true but it’s her right. Plus aren’t we all a little greedy? Also Seua should find someone that is comfortable with who he is and what he can afford. I think that’s where Joo comes in. Joo comes from a rich family. She doesn’t need to be pampered as much. She can pamper herself. Plus given what Joo’s been through, I am sure appearances and material things don’t faze her as much – one thing she learned from this failed thread lift…

Now let’s talk about the backhug scene. Seua was clearly aware of what he was doing. His smile says it all. Seua might have wanted to test the water. Not for Joo but more for himself. To see if there were feelings or not. His smile after the hug indicates that there is more than the mentor-mentee relation. The relationship between Seua and Joo is pretty straightforward at first. When he first meets Joo, it’s curiosity. Who is this strange girl covering her face with a scarf? Then as a senior, he wants to protect her, especially from the bullying and mockery. From them on, feelings are not far down the line.

Also he loves to tease Joo and in a flirty way. There is a scene where Seua shares his drink with Joo. She uses the same straw and he doesn’t fail to mention that it’s like an indirect kiss.

Can’t wait to see how the breakup between Ning and Seua turns out. I hope that in the future Ning won’t resent Joo for dating Seua. Tricky, tricky, tricky. More importantly, I hope she won’t make Joo feel guilty for falling for Seua: I helped you when you moved on campus. I was your senior and friend. How could you go after my ex-boyfriend? Blablabla…

But seriously can we see more of Push’s abs :-D? That never gets old!

Bee drooling over Seua...

Bee drooling over Seua…

~ maniac Ride

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