Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 10

Khun Lin is worried that Nark will leave his side. He is trying to spend more and more time with her, but she doesn’t notice that it’s more than work related. When they visit a temple, Khun Lin wants Nark to pray with him (Pretty intimate) and then takes her to a famous restaurant.

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While they are eating, Nark keeps talking about Nan, her  father, and how she misses Thailand. Khun Lin quickly loses his appetite. Does Nark want to leave so badly?! Yes, she does. Nark explains that she doesn’t like her life right now. This isn’t her home. Khun Lin is furious and decides to wait in the car. Nark thinks that he is upset because he thinks that she might run away without paying the debt (Oh girl, why are you so clueless?).

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That night Khun Lin thinks back to his parents’ relationship. Khun Lin’s mother kept wanting to leave and his father kept begging her not to go. His mother hated her life and turned her back on his father. Khun Lin swears not to let Nark leave him.

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Puey Lin is bed ridden because of his injuries. Aunt Wei is the one taking care of him and giving him advice while he is injured. Why does he always pick a fight  with Khun Lin when he knows he can’t win? It’s been the same since he was young. Also Puey Lin should let Mina go. She is nice a girl. Puey Lin is furious and tells her to not meddle. Puey Lin remembers Mina worrying about him and tries to call Khun Lin. Where is Mina? Can’t he not have her back? Khun Lin explains that she is Cubic’s woman. He can’t help Puey Lin at all. Puey Lin begs him, but Khun Lin refuses to help. When Khun Lin hangs up, Jongsing expresses his surprise. Someone like Puey Lin begging? Mina might be really special. She can’t just be a debtor… Jongsing seems to be alluding to Khun Lin and Nark’s situation too.

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Mina regularly spends time with Nark. She is there for Nark when she needs it the most. Nark has been missing her family more and more. Mina also has a lot to deal with. She has been thinking a lot about Puey Lin lately and always tries to ask Nark for information about him.

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Yuttapong and Nan have to hide under a bed when Khun Lin’s men barge in the house. Ai Wei starts threatening Huang, the man who works for Yuttapong, and interrogates him. Where are Yuttapong and Nan? Since Ai Wei is unable to get anything from Huang, he leaves. Huang gets his business card (I wonder what profession he has on the card… Gunman? Killer? 😀) and promises to alert him if Yuttapong and Nan come back. I have a feeling that Ai Wei knows that they are there. Before leaving, he suspiciously looked at the bed…

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Nark still doesn’t understand why Khun Lin is mad at her. She explains the situation to Tar Hai. What does it mean when someone gives such and such glare? Does it mean he or she is mad? What is the person mad for? Tar Hai is unable to give her a good answer and she gives up. Tar Hai is discussing his job and mentions a strange customer. He has been delivering canned food for this customer for one month and he still doesn’t know what the man looks like. Nark carefully listens and wonders if the man could be the person who tried to kill Khun Lin.

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Nark runs to Khun Lin’s office but is unable to get in his office when one assistant stops her. Khun Lin is not here so she can’t get in. Nark is about to leave when another assistant shows up and orders to let Nark in Khun Lin’s office. He will be here soon so she can wait inside. She explains to the one who refused to let Nark in that if he doesn’t want to be fired he should make exceptions for Nark. Everyone needs to make an appointment with Khun Lin except Nark (Our girl is too special).


Once in Khun Lin’s office, Nark sees that Nan’s picture is laying face down so she decides to put it back up. That’s when Khun Lin walks in. What is she doing? How can she touch this? Nark was trying to put the picture correctly. Is Khun Lin still interested in her sister? Khun Lin answers no. Nark gets all excited. Does that mean she can go back to Thailand?! NO. She has to stay and repay the debt. Why is Nark in such a hurry to leave? Does she hate him so much? Nark answers that she doesn’t hate him. What is it then? Nark doesn’t hate him but doesn’t love him either right? Nark is taken aback… It’s just that Khun Lin acts so weird sometimes – mean, happy, serious, etc. She punctuates her explanations with different facial expressions. Khun Lin wants to laugh but manages to keep it in.

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He notices Nark’s dirty outfit and hands. He asks for her hand. Nark is reluctant but shows them to him. Why are her hands so dirty? Because she works on a construction site (Duuuhhhhhh). Khun Lin takes his handkerchief and gently wipes her hand (Smooth).

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Nark then tells Khun Lin what Tar Hai told her. Khun Lin is not convinced and wants her to stay away from this. Nark refuses. She just wants to make sure that it’s Chin Fu. Nark asks Tar Hai and Danny to help her confirm the mysterious man’s identity (Poor Danny: always in a new adventure. We should call him Cubic’s assistant from now on LOL). They follow Tar Hai when he goes on a delivery. Tar Hai has to do everything to have the man get the package himself.

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Of course, Chin Fu sends one of his neighbor to get the package. Nark is not fooled and tell Tar Hai to bring the package back. Tar Hai lies about bringing the wrong package. He will bring the right one tomorrow plus a gift from the company. however the gift must be given to the customer himself. The neighbor explains that the package is not his but Chin Fu’s (He doesn’t actually give his name). Chin Fu is sick so he is doing him a favor.

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Meanwhile Chin Fu is looking through his windows. He spots Nark and Danny’s car. Are they spying on him? Luckily, Danny and Nark have kids willing to get in their car. It it supposed to make them look like parents picking up their kids (Seriously the director couldn’t have found something better?).

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Yong Wen and his men are also looking for Chin Fu but without any success.

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Khun Lin hasn’t seen Nark for a while and wonders what she is up to. Jongsing guesses that she might be busy making money in order to repay her debt. Khun Lin says that Nark shouldn’t even dream of repaying her debt . Does Khun Lin even want the money anymore? Khun Lin tries to formulate a better answer but is unable to convince Jongsing. The latter then tries to give him updates about Nan but Khun Lin quickly interrupts him. If Ai Wei and his men can’t find Nan they should just give up. They have been looking for months now.

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Nark comes up with another plan to confirm Chin Fu’s identity.  They send Tar Hai again and ask help from other delivery boys. While Danny and Nark are waiting in the car, Nark gets a phone call from Khun Lin. Where is she? Nark explains that she today she is certain that she will find Chin Fu today. Khun Lin orders her to come back but Nark refuses. She hangs up on Khun Lin and refuses to pick up his phone calls. Danny teases her; he feels back from Khun Lin. Why does he have to be associated with someone as dumb as Nark. She is smart when it comes to something and so stupid when it comes to others. Their bickering is interrupted when Tar Hai shows up to deliver the package. Tar Hai calls Chin Fu, who tells him to deliver the package at the back entrance…



Just one comment on how women seem to be treated like property in this lakorn (and other lakorns in general). Puey Lin calling Khun Lin to ask about Mina is sweet but he kind of ruins it all by the way he asks. Can I have her back? Mina is like an object that can be traded. That’s messed up. Puey Lin is not the only one acting that way. Khun Lin does too; he is so possessive of Nark. Nark is treated like someone, who has no mind of her own. She needs to obey his orders and show up whenever he wants her too.


This episode greatly shows how love overcomes pride. First, we have Puey Lin begging for Mina. Jongsing and Khun Lin both comment on how Puey Lin is someone prideful, who would never beg for anything. Second, we have Khun Lin’s father – a mafia boss – begging for his wife not to leave him. Third, we have Khun Lin himself looking at pictures of Nark like a teenager experiencing his first love. And it’s funny how Khun Lin just doesn’t care about Nan anymore: Nan?! Who’s that?! Lol.

~ maniac Ride


2 thoughts on “Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 10

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  2. I agree about th eproperty thing it so upsetting, except with LLS I would love to be his property…LOL Seriously I would be just fine taking all his order! I do find Mei concern for Puey disturbing, because he did try to rape her numerous time…

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