The Greatest Marriage: Going Nuts

If someone knows where this show is heading I would love to be enlightened. I am so mad right now.

This show started off great – like so many dramas. Now, all the characters are acting out. I am infuriated by how the Park family and Myung Hi are acting toward Cha Ki Young and Dan. What I saw in this show was the story of two women that both aimed for happiness.  Myung Hi choose to tie herself to a man and gain status. She dropped her career plans and started a life of servitude. Mistreated at the beginning, she is still mistreated by in her in-laws. Myung Hi’s only hope was the child she was carrying, but her miscarriage put an end to her dreams. Myung Hi didn’t have an heir for the Park family so I guess that’s when she thought that accepting Dan as her son could save her. I never liked Myung Hi’s character. I have yet to find something positive about her.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.14.44 PM

Cha Ki Young choose to have her child despite the odds. She knew that it would mean the end of her career and a series of hardships. I love her character because it defies traditional gender roles. As a woman, she chooses what she thinks is best. She ignores what society dictates unlike Myung Hi – getting married, abandoning your career, giving your all to your husband and his family.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.19.52 PM

I am sad and mad to see that Myung Hi would try to ruin Ki Young’s happiness by stealing away Dan. First, Dan is not an object that should be used by adults.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.23.29 PM

Second, Myung Hi choose her path for herself. She decided to marry Tae Yun knowing he was never into her and that her in laws were crazy.

Also I can’t stand Tae Yun’s father projecting his dreams on his child and now grandchild. I wish he could see what their true value is and forgets what he wants for them. Old man, it’s not always about you.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.18.41 PM

I am disappointed by Tae Yun. The latter’s inability to stand up to his family is causing so much pain to Dan. Tae Yun knows what’s best for his son. Plus, why would he want his son to go through the pain he’s been through. Being raised in the Park family doesn’t look promising. Tae Yun is one of those characters that hasn’t experienced much growth. A lot of trouble in his relationship with Ki Young were caused by his lack of maturity. You would think that he has somewhat matured after so many years. For instance, he has a hard time getting over his relationship with Ki Young and taking a decision concerning Dan. If it’s related to Ki Young, Tae Yun gets too emotional. I am convinced that part of him wants to keep Dan just to prevent Ki Young from being happy. Seeing Ki Young, Dan, and Eun Cha together is synonym of happiness. Why should they be happy?

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.20.15 PM

So far, Jo Eun Cha has been two faced. I doubt that he’ll redeem himself. I don’t know if he genuinely cares about Ki Young and Dan, or if he’s acting out of guilt.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.41.15 PM

With only three episodes left, I hope that the director of the drama will be able to answer all the questions I have. Yet, given this huge mess it might be hard to tie loose ends.

~ maniac Ride


One thought on “The Greatest Marriage: Going Nuts

  1. At first I was in love with this show but I stopped to watch it at ep 10 because all the sense which at first draw me has been lost. They killed this show and I don’t understand how korea could be this cold for women if I was Cha Ki Young. I won’t ever give birth in this country and Tae Yun piss me what the hell if you want a women you should treat her with respect and care not bully her when she already down. It’s like lakorn when the praek rape the girl and said he did because he love her are you kidding me !!! I wonder how this show will end because title don’t show the greatest but hte worst marriage I ever see with Tae Yun and the baddass bitch.

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