The Sisterhood Award (x2) !

Hello Picadrama readers! Both dramajjang and dramaforreal have nominated us for the sisterhood award! We are absolutely honored to be amongst such great friends and watchers! Thank you all for you wonderful support and thoughts! Thank you dramajjang and dramaforreal, here are our answers! ❤


1. Which is the first k/j/c drama you watched and how did you end up watching it?

phoenix: Boys Over Flowers was my first Korean drama! I use to be an avid watcher of bishounen anime like Ouran High School Host Club, Special A, etc. However, as I ran out of anime to watch, I heard how BOF was actually an anime at first. However, since the anime was old and I couldn’t find proper subtitles, I decide to take a look at the drama version, which I heard was very popular. And boy, did I get a lovely eyeful of F4. That’s how my drama journey started!

maniac Ride: My Princess! One of my friends told me she was watching this cute and funny show on Netflix. I had just moved on campus and didn’t have much friends at the time. This is how I spent most of my time when I started college 😀 ! The beginning of an addiction… I loved every bits and pieces of it. The story was lacking and there were a lot of nonsense twists, but I wasn’t a drama expert back then :-D.

2. Do you prefer food or sweets? Explain your favourites.

phoenix: I prefer food! There is nothing like sitting down for a proper meal. I really enjoy trying and tasting all sorts of savory cuisines. I like bulgogi, Beijing duck, savory buns, pho!

maniac Ride: I love sweets, especially French pastries. I always crave Napoleons, eclairs, and fruit tarts. Sweet things make me happy and I binge on them whenever I am feeling down.

3. Have you ever found a favourite place/building in a drama or a movie, if you have which place/building is that?

phoenix: I’ve always wanted to visit the river of tears…also known as Han River, where everybody films tragic scenes at! Almost all dramas seem to have a scene there! Whether that be a breakup or a brooding.

maniac Ride: Chiang Mai in Thailand! After watching so many lakorns and seeing the leads taking a trip there, I have always wanted to go there. The beach is gorgeous, and the food looks fresh and tasty as well. Gosh, here we go. I am talking about food again.

4. Which season of the year you prefer and why?

phoenix: I prefer the fall. I enjoy the warm transition into a colder time. The pretty leaves that turn into lovely reds and golds! Less allergies as well!

maniac Ride: I love spring because of the clothes! I am able to wear cute summer dresses, light sweaters, nice sandals, and wear bright lipstick! Also the weather isn’t too cold or hot. Perfect for a nice afternoon out, chatting with friends and enjoying drinks.

5. What characteristics would the perfect lead in your life have?

phoenix: Hmmm, he doesn’t have to be a CEO chaebol…but he does need to be capable, strong (little fight in him?), financially-stable, possessive (I want to be wanted all the time, haha), tall!

maniac Ride: I like men who can dress and who are ambitious. I need a go getter. He doesn’t have to be the sexiest man on earth but being a little fit doesn’t hurt ~ Also he has to be crazy for me.

6. Which is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

phoenix: Good old plain vanilla! Well..I’ll go for some French Vanilla too.

maniac Ride: Cookie dough!

7. What would be your perfect date?

phoenix: I would love to go to a nice cafe with my date and then walk down a street full of tiny little shopping stalls. Then perhaps a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant and going to a high place to enjoy the view after! *u*

maniac Ride: Dinner in a fancy restaurant with a nice bottle of wine! I just wish for my own K-drama moment lol.

8. What is your favourite sport and athlete?

phoenix: Merp….not a sports watcher. But if I’m watching the olympics, I enjoy gymnastics and figure-skating.

maniac Ride: The soccer player Didier Drogba! He currently plays for Chelsea.

9. What would you do, if you got caught in a one-sided love (jjag sarang) and that person had a girlfriend/boyfriend?

phoenix: Unlucky me! Well…I’m not going to pine away, better to forget and find a better person. Psssh, I’m not one to linger. If he was meant for me, I would already have him, no?

maniac Ride: Letting go I guess? If he likes me too, we will surely be together at some point. No need to play home-wrecker.

10. Did you enjoy the questions, what would you like to change in dramajjang?

phoenix: I enjoyed the questions, nothing to change!

maniac Ride: Loved the questions!


1. What is your favorite drama of all time?

phoenix: Oh my…so many choices…ughhh. Hmmm I would probably say Gaksital or Healer! Gaksital really moved me with it’s patriotic storytelling. Healer was perfect in every sense and hit all my drama kinks!

maniac Ride: This is such a hard question :-D. I’ll try to give a few from different countries: The Princess’ Man, Raeng Pradtanah and Love Affairs in the Afternoon. 

2. What got you into blogging?

phoenix: After years of following dramabeans and koala’s playground, my friend and I decided to make our own blog and talk about our thoughts for the dramas we watch! I have been told I can get a little wordy at times!

maniac Ride: Living with phoenix back then, we discussed dramas nonstop. We had so many things to say and share that we decided to come up with our own blog. We both also liked different types of dramas and we thought we could target a more diverse audience. For instance, I am really into lakorns. It all started with Sawan Biang, and since then I’ve watched countless lakorns and I know so many Thai celebrities haha.

3. Would you prefer to be too hot or too cold?

phoenix: Definitely too cold. I can do something about the cold by blankets or putting more layers on. Plus, cuddling! But with hotness, there are only so many layers I can take off.

maniac Ride: Too cold! Sweaters and heater can help me survive. 

4. If you could meet an actor/actress of your choice, who would it be?

phoenix: Wow, another hard question!! Hmm….I would love to meet Lee Jong Suk! He is one of my favorite actors and I think he has a funny personality!

maniac Ride: The Thai actress Kimberley Ann Tiamsiri. She has a lot of potential. She reminds me of a younger version of Ann Thongprasom. Kim has some of the best outfits and makeup,and her lines are delivered so well. I also like the fact that she is not skinny skinny! She is curvy and fit; I find it refreshing.

5. Do you snack while watching dramas? If so, what’s your snack of choice?

phoenix: Hell yes! I snack waaaaay to much while watching dramas. I go for the chips!

maniac Ride: Dried seaweed 🙂


1. kdramadreamer

2. Cfensi

3. tumbleintofantasy

4. dramachaser

5. Noonas over Forks

6. Darkness Lakorns 

7. dramajjang

8. dramaforreal


1. What is your least favorite drama and why?

2. Where is your favorite drama watching location and time?

3. Who is your favorite second lead of all time….if you ever had SLS (second lead syndrome)?

4. If you could vacation with your significant other in any place in the world, where would you guys go?

5. Do you prefer dark dysfunctional drama couples or light, romcommy “old married” couples?

6. What is the saddest drama scene you’ve ever watched?

7. Your favorite villain? Why?

8. Which drama character’s wardrobe do you prefer?

9. What is your favorite drama OST?

16 thoughts on “The Sisterhood Award (x2) !

  1. Yuei yuei! Perry Kwon’s here 😛 Dat oppa-loving machine Yo Na! XD Thanks a lot for nominating us back, it’s truly an honor!!! 🙂 Loved reading the answers to all the questions, these awards are a good chance to read through the bloggers’ lines! Now i want ice kureem and drown it in sour cherry syrup. Even though i’m not that much into sweets, French tarts are one of the best things ever composed by human hands 😀 I’ll be back with answers, hopefully tomorrow!!

      • Imagine that i generally don’t eat sweets, but i can eat at least 5 tarts in a row, just because! And i don’t like the ones with only strawberry on them, or only one fruit, i want many fruits XD I eat tarts, Yo Na eats oppas XD

      • Wow!! You must really love them! I love patbingsoo with lots of sweet red bean and fruits! wahhhh our local Korean restaurant is undergoing renovations so I can’t have it these past few months.

        Yo Na eats oppas for breakfast, lunch and dinners. She also eats Ri On for snack. hahaha

      • OMG! I’d seen that in dramas! It looks as evil as the first time i saw it! I shouldn’t had searched for pictures. I want to put my face in the bowl XD And i’m not sweets’ fan, imagine if i was 😛 I want a local Korean restaurant too, you know >.> Renovations for the past few months? O.O What are they making in there? The little Seoul? XD HAHAHAHA, SO TRUE on Yo Na XD XD

      • Hahaha it is! So delicious, and you better get someone to share with! it’s a large dish to finish by yourself! haha. Ikr? its taking forever to renovate, and actually i think another chain restaurant bought it out, like a hibachi grill type. urggggh. its just been closed for a long time. I love YoNa’s *peace* signoff. hahaha

  2. Thank you for the nomination! We were fortunate enough to be nominated previously for the Sisterhood Award, so I fear that it would seem like showing off if we were to accept it a third time. However, I definitely want to answer your great questions, regardless.

    1. What is your least favorite drama and why?
    Our last favourite dramas usually relate to our last favourite characters:

    2. Where is your favorite drama watching location and time?
    On my TV over a holiday weekend in the winter. That’s when I feel the last least guilty about marathoning a drama.

    3. Who is your favorite second lead of all time….if you ever had SLS (second lead syndrome)?
    We have a few good men:

    4. If you could vacation with your significant other in any place in the world, where would you guys go?
    Any major, urban city in Asia, because we love to eat.

    5. Do you prefer dark dysfunctional drama couples or light, romcommy “old married” couples?
    Definitely light rom coms. We don’t like unnecessary drama.

    6. What is the saddest drama scene you’ve ever watched?
    There was something in our eye:

    7. Your favorite villain? Why?
    Unfortunately, we are a fan of quite a few villains:

    8. Which drama character’s wardrobe do you prefer?
    Cheon Song Yi from “My Love From The Stars” had an enviable wardrobe, helped by an enviable body.

    9. What is your favorite drama OST?
    “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” but you didn’t hear it from me.

  3. Yay for this drama blogging sisterhood! Loved reading your answers and thank you so much for nominating us!! Just in case we don’t get around to including these questions in our post soon, I wanted to answer your fun questions here. =)

    1. What is your least favorite drama and why?
    – I usually don’t finish the dramas that I don’t like, but one that I actually finished because I was recapping it was, “Hotel King.” I loved the OTP (Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae) in “My Girl,” but they were SO annoying in HK and the story was ridic.

    2. Where is your favorite drama watching location and time?
    – The TV in my room and right before bed. Of course that just means I’ll stay up way too late watching dramas.

    3. Who is your favorite second lead of all time….if you ever had SLS (second lead syndrome)?
    – Hua Ze Lai (Vic Zhou) in Meteor Garden. Ugh, he was just so gentle and caring! But I still liked the main dude more lol.

    4. If you could vacation with your significant other in any place in the world, where would you guys go?
    – Probably somewhere in Asia. Japan? Korea? Singapore?

    5. Do you prefer dark dysfunctional drama couples or light, romcommy “old married” couples?
    – The dark, dysfunctional drama couples. I’m not one for much aegyo in my dramas/OTPs.

    6. What is the saddest drama scene you’ve ever watched?
    – This old-school HKdrama called, “Kindred Spirit” had this scene where one of the main-ish characters was kidnapped and then thrown overboard from a yacht by the villain. I don’t even know if the scene was actually sad, per se, but I remembered BAWLING my eyes out as a kid watching it.

    7. Your favorite villain? Why?
    – Zheng Er (Nikita Mao) in Prince of Lan Ling. She was so flawlessly evil that it was mind-boggling. I hated her characters SO MUCH, yet I wanted to keep seeing her onscreen. Whatta dillemma.

    8. Which drama character’s wardrobe do you prefer?
    – Cheon Song Yi in “My Love from Another Star” all day, every day!

    Thanks again and here’s to more good dramas! ❤

    • Thanks for answering our questions! It was fun reading yours! I prefer the dark dysfunctional type couples as well! Have you seen Innocent Man or Secret Love? The extremes of that type!

  4. I haven’t seen either of those dramas, but they sound interesting! I might give “Innocent Man” a go…sounds like my type of drama haha.

  5. I see Maniac Ride prefers spring as well ^^

    Both of you guys have healthy standards in men! Good! 😀

    It seems Dramabeans and Koala’s Playground are the main inspirations of most bloggers. For me it was Dramabeans first and foremost, but Ms Koala’s writing is awesome. Both sites are ridiculously amazing!

    Ohhhh I eat dried seaweed too sometimes!!!! LOL!!!

    Loved to read your answers ladies!

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