Producer (프로듀사): Episode 1


The drama opens with Baek Seung Chan starting his first day in the variety department of the broadcast channel KBS. The first day of work, or orientation day, gives a glimpse of what truly happens behind our TV screens.

  • Rookies are expected to hit the ground running – learn the ropes as you go!
  • Not everyone is motivated and dedicated
  • Office politics, which often involve gossiping, are necessary in order to succeed
  • Celebrities on the TV shows can be bratty and annoying while lacking talent…
  • It’s all about RATINGS. As a PD, if your show has amazing ratings you are the top dog!

It’s easy to see that Seung Chan is confused and NAIVE. He had several misconceptions about the industry, and simply decided to join the field because of his college crush.

Let me introduce our female lead: the fierce Tak Ye Ji! She is a producer in the variety department. I can already tell that Seung Chan’s life can only get harder from now on. Everyone fears Ye Ji… When she is in a bad mood, everyone in the department is alerted.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.29.46 PM

For instance, the alert text sent will mention Jindo dog #1, #2 or #3. Number 3 being the case where if you don’t bother Ye Ji, nothing bad will happen, and number #1 meaning wartime. Despite being strict and easily angered, she is on top of her game.

The relationship between Ye Ji and Seung Chan is a boss-subordinate one with a funny twist. Ye Ji being indebted to Seung Chan. The latter’s car got a dent because of Ye Ji opening her car door without even noticing. How hilarious is it that Ye Ji keeps sending nice and greasy messages to Seung Chan, who hasn’t seen them yet, while being a meany to him in the studio… Telling poor Seung Chan to put his phone on vibrate or literally telling him to turn it off. I guess she didn’t want the owner of the car to reply after all :-D. 

For Seung Chan, it’s more about survival than anything else – making sure that Ye Ji doesn’t eat him alive.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.34.25 PM

You are probably wondering about Seung Chan’s crush? Well, she seems to already have someone. A co-worker much older than her. I guess Seung Chan is a little too late. To be honest, Chae Hae Joo, doesn’t even remember how she met Seung Chan. School not church. I guess he didn’t leave that much of an impression 😀.

Ra Moon Jo, the man who “stole” Hae Joo from Seung Chan, is introduced as a trouble maker. The kind of anchor who often gets called out for his mishaps. The ratings of his show aren’t that great either, especially when compared to Ye Ji’s. The latter is always called for favors and requests – things she coldly refuses. Her mindset is that helping others will leave her without nothing. Oh, no need to say that Moon Jo’s show gets killed… Everyone saw it coming except him (The irony).

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.29.19 PM

The last character to introduce is Cindy (I almost wrote IU. It would have been funnier if they had just kept her celebrity name). Cindy is a singer who started at a really young age in the industry. In the first episode, we see how (Not that we didn’t know) how fans can be intrusive and annoying. Cindy doesn’t even pretend to be nice. She has this frozen look on her face while letting fans taking pictures alongside her. I don’t want to say with her because that would imply that she was willing when she clearly wasn’t. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.30.50 PM

I feel like Cindy’s manager will always end up in a difficult situation when playing the mediator between the PDs, especially Ye Ji, and her. Cindy wants it her way, but the manager understands that it can’t always be what she wants. Let the power struggle between Ye Ji and Cindy begin!

Something I didn’t see coming is Joon Mo and Ye Ji living together! What’s their relationship? More than roommates and co-workers? I’m just so confused.


I enjoyed this first episode. A lot of things going on so I will try to make my comments as short as possible.

I love to see all the drama going on between the PDs, celebrities, managers, etc. I am fascinated by the power struggle everyone is engaged in. They know fighting each other and arguing is exhausting, and the PDs for example definitely feel the toll at the end of the day. Yet, it is unavoidable. With so many interests at play, everyone wants to have things done their way. I will have to say that Ye Ji is definitely a professional. She knows when to fight and when to back down. The outfit Cindy was wearing was too racy for KBS, but Ye Ji tried to negotiate when she realized that having Cindy with the racy outfit was better than no Cindy at all.

Something that made me sad is Joon Mo’s show being canceled. Not because I felt bad for him, but because of the writers of the show. They are the ones that will be suffering the most. They could be fired anytime. So much uncertainty for them after all the hard work they put in the show.

Seung Chan will have to grow and stop being meek. If he wants to be in this industry, he’ll have to learn to be a little more cutthroat. I can’t wait to see how his character will develop on a professional level. It’s funny to see Kim Soo Hyun portray this shy and naive character, compared to the arrogant and over-confident Do Min Joo in My Love From Another Star.

Given the preview of the second episode, I can already tell that Cindy is bound to fall for Seung Chan. Interesting.

~ maniac Ride

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