Wanida: Still in Love With This Lakorn!


After watching Wanida for the xxxx time, I decided to finally write about it. This has to be one of my favorite lakorns. The music, acting and pace is perfect. I mean how could this drama fail with Tik in it??! I am not a big fan of Aff, but this drama made me fall for her acting. I found her annoying in Jam Leuy Rak – sorry but not sorry.

Set in the 1950s, this drama is about the arranged marriage between Wanida (Nid), the daughter of a rich businessman and loan shark, and Major Prasak Mahasak (Yai). The latter is forced to enter the marriage with Nid to repay the debt of his younger brother although he is dating someone – Pisamai. When Nid moves in to live with Yai, she encounters difficulties after difficulties. Yai’s mother hates her with a passion, Yai himself neglects her and Pisamai is always there to stir trouble.

Nid tries to be as patient as possible, hoping that the debt will be repaid quickly so she can get a divorce. But as she lives with Yai, they slowly fall for each other. Seriously who wouldn’t? Wanida is so adorable and it might seem corny to say that, but Aff did a good job at portraying a nang’ek that is genuine. Saying that Nid is nice doesn’t mean that she is gullible and crying every time something goes wrong. That is definitely not Nid. She fights back when needed and doesn’t let anyone belittle her. I have to say that Nid’s success among other men makes Yai realize his wife’s worth. Unconsciously, he must have analyzed why other men were so quick to fall for her.

Yai’s personality is pretty weak at first. He has a hard time standing up to his mother and Pisamai. He always ends up in a weird situation because he can’t do what he really wants to. It’s impossible to make everyone happy and sometimes I felt like Yai needed to be more selfish. I felt bad for Pisamai because technically she was there first. But as we know, in LakornLand it’s not about who was there first. It’s about feelings. In Yai’s case, he found someone that was more suitable, which means that his feelings for Pisamai faded or they weren’t as strong as he thought.  It would have been better for Yai to cut it short with Pisamai sooner. He made her waste so much time and hope.

The drama would be quickly over if realizing their mutual feelings was enough, but the fact that they can’t admit them is a big deal. I yelled at my screen so many times! I just wanted Yai and Nid to confess their feelings and ignore the haters. Not so easy. Pisamai is in the way. The more she sees Yai’s interest in Nid, the more she tries to guilt trip him: Telling Yai about his promise to get married with her as soon as the debt is repaid and he divorces Nid. In addition, the dislike that Yai’s mother has for Nid runs deep. Nid’s grandmother used to be married in the Mahasak household, but she had to leave due to a misunderstanding. The grandmother’s name was tarnished and Yai’s mother takes great pleasure in reminding Nid of it. The misunderstanding was never cleared and since Nid is now married in the Mahasak household she wants to clear her grandmother’s name.

Can I add that I totally adore Nid’s father? He’s simply the best. He doesn’t care about what others think. And he’s certainly not afraid to call out Yai and his mother on their bullshit, which is much needed! Nid’s father is all about her happiness and that is extremely adorable to see.

~ maniac Ride

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