Heart Signal 2: Episode 4

The Christmas Dates

Hyun Woo and Hyun Ju

The two meet at a coffee shop then go to a VR cafe. Lastly, dinner.

I felt like Hyun Woo was surprised and not necessarily overjoyed to see Hyun Ju. That changes during the date.

  • Hyun Woo turns out to be super caring, putting food in Hyun Ju’s plate and cutting her food for her. He was also being that way with Young Joo in the previous episode so now I am confused.
  • As usual Hyun Ju was her bubbly self, which got on my nerves. I’ve said this before but given her age the aegyo seems fake. Ughh, it also rubs me in the wrong way how the love forecasters keep praising Hyun Ju. It’s like they are trying to force her down viewers’ throats.
  • Hyun Ju seems possessive and jealous. On the date at the coffee shop, she keeps asking questions that give hints: Oh, did you come here with a woman before? Was your ex-girlfriend from Busan? She also indirectly asks how he feels about Young Ju…
  • When it comes to Hyun Woo, the charisma is slowly wearing off. During the date, I found him slightly shy. This is not what I’ve seen of his personality in the previous episodes.
  • Overall the date was pretty cute. There definitely is potential for a relation here. I was shipping Hyun Woo and Young Joo, but I am not so sure anymore.

Young Joo and Gyu Bin

My faves grab dinner and go to a jazz club.

  • Young Joo doesn’t know Gyu Bin has been crushing on her since the text messages are anonymous. Last episode, he was thinking about giving up because she didn’t seem responsive. This might not be the case anymore and he has more chances than ever after their date. Gyu Bin might have escaped the Bro Zone!
  • Young Joo admits she thought the muffler might be from him. I interpreted this as her not minding going on a date with him.
  • Despite his age, Gyun Bin seems so mature. The conversation with Young Joo touched some pretty interesting subjects like love, following your dreams, etc.

Da Eun and Dong Hyun 

The pair grabs dinner at a nice Korean barbecue restaurant then head to a Christmas market. Finally, a wine bar. Dong Hyun tried to open up a little more but I am not sure it worked.

  • The conversation was boring. I am less annoyed at Dong Hyun (for his previous rudeness) but he’s so uninteresting. I can only imagine how hard it must be to carry a conversation with him. Da Eun was polite and all, but she wasn’t as lively as she could be.
  • Da Eun turned out to be very straightforward during the last portion of the date, asking if Dong Hyun likes someone among the residents. Surprisingly, Dong Hyun answers! Yes, there is someone and he wants to get to know the person. This part was the most interesting and meaningful exchange during this date.
  • One of the forecasters pointed that Do Gyun doesn’t understand what women like and I couldn’t agree more. He’s nice but doesn’t know how to seduce women.

Da Eun and Jae Ho

The two go to the beach to watch a sunset, eat grilled clams. Last, go ice skating.

Jae Ho is a keeper but I  don’t think he’ll end with Da Eun. His feelings have been super consistent and I feel sorry for him.

  • In terms of date Da Eun – Jae Ho > Da Eun – Dong Hyun.
  • Jae Ho got jokes. The date seemed relaxing and he’s trying pretty heart to hint that he likes Da Eun. He also remembers what she likes and tries to get to know her better. Im my opinion, he’s a keeper.
  • Da Eun kept praising/mentioning Hyun Woo during the date. So awkward. I am pretty sure Hyun Woo is her fave but she could have avoided showing it so much.

Additional Comments/Thoughts

  • Hyun Ju goes to the hospital with Hyun Woo. He had previously cut his finger and because it keeps getting in contact with water it got infected. That’s nice of her but I am confused as to why she cried. So dramatic.
  • Again on Hyun Ju, next episode will probably showcase her jealous side. I can’t wait :-D.
  • Do Gyun seemed pretty sad at the end of the episode. Jealousy over Hyun Ju?
  • Young Joo is still my fave. I don’t care who she ends with as long as it’s the right person for her.
  • Sitting here and thinking: When are they bringing in the new girl?! I want her to stir more drama :-D.



8 thoughts on “Heart Signal 2: Episode 4

  1. I initially like Hyun Ju for her bright personality but as time goes by, i feel like she’s just faking it. I’m a fan of Young Jo as well! What pisses me off was when Young Jo asked Hyun Ju where was she going and she just answer in a general way. What’s with that? I bet she just dont want Young Jo to ruin her moment to shine. Hahaha and the crying part is too much.. hahahahah

    • I agree a 100%. Hyun Ju was definitely being shady when she refused to tell Young Joo where she was going. She is possessive too and that drives me nuts cause Hyun Woo and her aren’t dating!!! Ugh.

  2. Im so conflicted between Hyun Woo and Young Jo / Hyun Ju. Its like the date was just perfect and fun between HW and HJ but I feel there is interest with HW and YJ. Arggg, I wish there was more than one episode per week.

  3. I understand that you have your own opinion however, commenting such negative criticism against Hyun Ju is unjustified.Perceiving Hyun Ju in such a negative light affects those who read your review. Calling someone shady, possessive or fake in some cases is considered to be harassment. Along with your review with Do Gyun as well, all of your comments on both Hyun Ju and him are really unfair, imagine if you were either one of them, how would you feel? Please be mindful with your reviews next time. Thank you.

    • This is a blog. I am not writing an article where it should be expected that I do not express my opinions. Thank you for sharing your thoughts but unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to change how I write about this show. Also this is a reality TV show. I doubt that all these people didn’t expect people to comment on their behaviors when they signed up for this.

  4. I am glad I’m not the only one losing sleep over this show. i really like Young Ju as well…. she is very elegant, decent and really nice to everyone….hope she finds what she needs out of this….fighting!! 🙂 opps and i am curshing on Hyun Woo for Young Jo. I hope they are meant to be! i can’t wait for the next episodes….(just finished E7)

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