Korean Skin Care Products

South Korea Exports Its Glow 

I recently discovered this New York Times’ article about how Korean skin care products are taking the United States by storm. It all started with BB creams in 2011. Since then, Western companies have rolled out their own BB and CC creams.

The article discusses the main differences between the American approach to skin care, which is all about speed. If you can get a product that does 5 things in 1 why not? Whereas the Korean approach is all about targeting different skin problems no matter how many steps and products it takes. Korean skin care products are made even more appealing when using the right packaging and spokesperson.

The perfect example is Kim Soo Hyun. The actor from “My Love From the Star” has been representing the Face Shop.

2014-11-24 21.50.29

I was already a fan of the brand’s face masks, but after seeing Kim Soo Hyun advertising for the brand it was so easy to buy three-four additional masks  -___-.

Let’s add that Korean companies are becoming more and more innovative with what they put in their products – from donkey milk to snake venom.

Another favorite product of mine is Nature Republic Moist Steam Cream ~ It’s hard not to be addicted to Korean products so I try to find a few that I like and stick to it.

~ maniac Ride


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