Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo Episode 4

Naoki and Kotoko congratulate Matsumoto at the end of her graduation ceremony. Matsumoto questions Kotoko about her acceptance to nursing school. Everyone thinks that Kotoko wants to be a nurse because of Naoki, including the latter. Kotoko is shocked, but clearly can’t deny that it’s mostly true. Kotoko is excited and proud to announce that she has been accepted into nursing school! She passed the most difficult entrance exam for nursing school. Yuko is surprised, but mostly worried for Kotoko’s patients. I am too.

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 12.59.57 PM

Yuko found her dream job in the IT industry and vows to work hard to find Mr. Perfect. That is definitely not . Matsumoto thanks Naoki for making her college years fun and wishes the best of luck to our couple.

Meanwhile Satomi and Jinko are crying their eyes out at the graduation ceremony. They are saying goodbye to their friends while they are still stuck in school. They each failed a class – strict attendance requirement and turning someone’s homework by mistake. I can’t believe that even Kotoko is graduating and not them… Well she is actually not graduating but going to nursing school.

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Chris is about to go back to England; she would only stay if she had a chance with Kinosuke. Kotoko cheers her up, but the struggle is real.

Kotoko tries to throw a birthday party for Kin-chan altough it’s March. Let’s see how effective can be as a cupid. Kinosuke’s birthday was in December… Kotoko proposes to celebrate it anyway. How can he say no to Kotoko?

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The party starts off well. Until Kin-chan realizes that the cake was made by Chris… It gets worst when he realizes that the dishes made by Chris are delicious! The one by Kotoko… not so much. Chris even got him a birthday present – handmade couple sweaters. They are kind of ugly. Kin-chan exploses: Kotoko is his only love! Chris should just go back to England. Why would he wear the sweater Chris made him?! Ouch, that hurts… 

Kin-chan’s reward? A slap from Kotoko. She yells that Chris is going back next week. Why is Kin-chan so insensitive? Even if he doesn’t like Chris, he doesn’t have to be that cruel.

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 1.03.26 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 1.03.12 PM

Chris is about to leave. Jinko, Satomi, and Kotoko are at the airport to say goodbye. A little emotional… Meanwhile Kin-chan is working in Papa Aihara’s restaurant as usual. He seems to be absent minded, which Papa Aihara doesn’t fail to notice. A co-worker points out that it must be because of Chris. She hasn’t been coming lately to the restaurant. Kin-chan finally realizes that he might be more interested than he thinks. He apologizes and rushes to the airport. Who is going to help Papa Aihara?! Well, I guess the future love life of Kin-chan’s is more important now 😀.

Kotoko begs Chris to hold on a little bit. Maybe Kin-chan will show up. Chris is resigned and leaves. When Kin-chan shows up wearing the couple sweater, Chris is already gone. That sweater is actually REALLY ugly LOL. Kin-chan is in denial first. Did Chris go to the bathroom? Why isn’t she coming back?

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Kotoko tells him that it’s too late. Kin-chan would have to cry a little more and finally admit his feelings for Chris to reveal herself to him. Everyone is surprised to see her. She explains that she boarded the plane, but Kin-chan’s face kept coming to her mind. As obsessed as Kotoko.

Kotoko is busy finding an outfit for a date with Naoki! Mama Irie is as excited as Kotoko. Naoki had promised that if she passed the nurisng exam, they would go on a date. It was to motivate her even more. To be honest, it’s more like Kotoko pestered Naoki to go on a date. The strength of pressure… Kotoko even took the time to work on a schedule they should follow for their date. Naoki finds his wife and mother fangirling about the date and is cold as usual. If only Kotoko put that much effort into studying… Naoki also doesn’t understand why they would meet outside when they live and spend all their time together.

The day of the date finally arrives. Here was the plan: Naoki would show thirty minutes earlier  and impatiently wait for his wife. Then they would head to the movie and watch a chick flick. Kotoko would cling onto Naoki throughout the movie. Lastly, they would have a boat ride and exchange a passionate kiss. Kotoko is too cute. Anyhow, her plan doesn’t go through. Is that even surprising? 

Let’s skip straight to the movie part. Kotoko passes out in the theater. She misses most of the movie and is waken up by her husband.

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 1.06.55 PM

They head to the park for the boat ride, but are unable to ride it due to a medical emergency. Kotoko spots a mother and child needing help. The child was having trouble breathing and Naoki jumps in to give a few medical instructions. Putting those med student skills to work!

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 1.07.39 PM

Kotoko and Naoki accompany the mother and child to the hospital. Luckily, it was nothing bad. Our couple heads back to the park and enjoys what is left of their date. Finally the boat ride! Although it didn’t go as planned, Kotoko is happy to have spent some time with Naoki. The latter laughs. Does Kotoko know that couples that ride a boat here usually break up? Kotoko is totally panicked! They need to get out of this boat. Naoki interrupts her freak out session by kissing her! Isn’t this the date she wanted? At least one of the components of the date. Probably the best 😀.

Naoki tells Kotoko that he had already read the schedule for their date. Such a party pooper. Naoki adds that he had to grant at least one of her wishes.


I am so glad that Kin-chan and Chris got together! They are cute and also because Chris is the British version of Kotoko – obsessed by a boy and as loving as one can be. I am also happy to have Kin in a relationship because that means he will have no reason to meddle into Kotoko’s love life.

The first four episodes have been extremely light and cute with not too much drama. Every argument was quickly solved, but I don’t think things will stay that way. With Naoki in med school and Kotoko starting nursing school next episode, things will definitely be spiced up. Can’t wait to see how our couple will manage to balance love and work. Plus, judging by the preview someone is about to show some interest in Kotoko. Let’s bring out jealous Naoki ASAP!

~ maniac Ride


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